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Sandra Bullock Watch: Is Jesse James' gal pal a Nazi lover?


I know I could be writing about far more important things, like why Jon Voight of all people is calling upon all "freedom loving" Americans to rally in Washington against the Democrats' healthcare legislation, saying it "will destroy America." Or I could be begging you to read my colleague Mary McNamara's wonderfully cheeky review of "Big Life," Kirstie Alley's new reality show, the review that opens with this irresistible lead: "Dear Kirstie Alley: Look, I'm fat too. Maybe not as fat as you, but still ...."

But no. I'm still peeved to the max about Jesse James, Sandra Bullock's loser husband, who it now turns out not only cheated on America's Oscar-winning sweetheart, but with a woman who -- as TMZ has revealed -- likes to dress up in Nazi cheesecake regalia. Friends of stripper-model Michelle McGee are now telling TMZ that she's not a white supremacist -- she just enjoys fetish modeling, as if that made the whole affair any less revolting. While I acknowledge that this may not exactly be in the spirit of Passover, I'm kinda hoping that James' Cisco Burger restaurant gets cited by the health department and he runs over his own foot with one of his custom choppers.

Actually, Danielle Berrin, who writes the Hollywood Jew blog, put it best when she said: "Tell me, where are the Inglourious Basterds when you need them?"

Photo: Jesse James. Credit: Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times

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Poor Sandra. I hope she knows how well-loved and respected she is and that she need never worry about what the fans think. We all love her and support her no matter what. Hang in there missy.

What a bastard...low life. No excuse for this. How can he face anyone.
He lost my vote... I will never support anything he does and never watch him on TV or anywhere else again. What an idiot. Can't believe it. His brain is in his pants. Little brain took over the what brain he had left in his head. better go back to building motorcycles, you suck.

Well if it isn't a gallery of this sexy (cough cough discusting) tattooed looking piece of yuck... check it out, i'll admit it is worth it lol Shes nasty!!

Three things:

1. He will be forever known as the Vanilla Gorilla---the name she gave him because of his Penis size.

2. All West Coast Chopper shirts should be burned and no longer sold---it is now understood its a Nazi thing given its the German Iron Cross. Nice way to push your Nazi beliefs on us unsuspecting people. Was that why you pursued Sandra too, thinking she might be a Nazi sympathizer given she lived in Germany until a teen and her mother and father were well known entertainers during the war years?

3. When Sandra said on Oprah Jesse works 12-18 hours a day so 80 employees and their families have work as they cant work without him---she will know it was a lie, he was using that as his cover for banging a nazi broad.

I think that this beeeatch is in cahoots with Jesse's ex-wife to discredit him in the custody battle for Sunny... (Porn stars... hello!!!) Thoughts?????

I am right there with you as far as being peeved to the max at Jesse James. I have always seen something in Sandra Bullock, a sincere goodness that many people lack. I don't know her, I just see something in her. Watching one of her movies can make me laugh or smile even if I am feeling down. My heart goes out to Sandra Bullock because of the intense pain she is feeling right now, may it subside quickly.

So Neil Fifer and Sandra Bullock can finally move ahead... nice!

well....i think jesse is an idiot. i suspect by his media comments that he agrees. gigantic brain fade. how in the hell do you cheat on sandy????? must be that you always want what you don't have.

What is it with men and sleazy women; strippers, porn stars and whatever this Michelle Mcgee, firs she is so ugly, God she looks dirty, she needs to take a bath in lye soap. Sandra is so beautiful, inside and out. I think she is the epitome of what a woman should be. She is funny, smart and just so down to earth. But she does not have good judgment with men. This is why she stayed single because lets face it ladies, men are pigs, they have and will screw animals and well when in prison they screw eachother. I should say there is a small percentage and I mean small that would not cheat and are good men. But no man is to be trusted. She trusting him was her biggest mistake. This guy especially. I love her and wish her so much joy and peace which she will get after dumping this loser.

Listen,I fee so bad 4 Sandra bullock.I too was cheated on .A first seems unbearable,butSandra u r a Super strong women,it takes time. Be careful think with ur head .you already know what ur heart feels. Jesse James shame on u 4 causein such pain 2 ur wonderful famly.You can search a liife time & may never know the amount of love & trust Sandra has 4 u. Really was it worth it all.

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