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'American Idol's' Siobhan Magnus steals the Rolling Stones show

American%20idol%20logo I have to admit that I was dreading the whole "American Idol" revisits the Rolling Stones night, because, well, could there be any band that -- in its prime -- was the exact opposite of the cheerful, wide-eyed and well-scrubbed cherubs who populate this year's Idol crew? And yikes! Some of those attempts to scale Mt. Jagger were pretty awful, starting with Lacey Brown's hilariously inept take on "Ruby Tuesday," which seemed to have been inspired by a rendition she once saw by a cocktail waitress at a Holiday Inn. (Wouldn't you love to see Brown take a swipe at the national anthem just for sport?)

But how about that Siobhan Magnus? She belted out a phenomenal version of "Paint It Black," playing up the operatic subtext of the song, although she still hinted at the original's brooding dark side. For a fuller explanation of Magnus' effort, please read this post from my colleague Ann Powers, who has a far more articulate take on the whole affair, especially when it comes to the racial underpinnings of Paige Miles' rendition of "Honky Tonk Woman." But I'm down with Magnus, who seems to be the most versatile, not to mention inspired singer of this year's crop.

But see her for yourself:

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Magnus, Urban, Bowersox will be the three last remaining. Magnus vs. Bowersox for the final two. Too close to call on the winner.

Patrick are you deaf ? Seriously the kid is inconsistent,has no talent and what is with the screaming ?

Siobhan is The Truth. She's Magnus the Magician, effortlessly pulling new sonic rabbits out hat every week. She may have pushed that last glory note beyond her comfort level, but you have to give her credit for flying without a net. I think she's wise enough to pull back the vocal fireworks in the upcoming weeks now that she has Simon's attention and respect. I'm a long time American Idol viewer and she's truly the first contestant that I'm literally excited with anticipation to see every week.

Love Love Love Siobhan....Fearless...Beautiful Voice....Natural Talent. Lee, Big Mike and Didi, Bowersox, Kasey....(Heck all of them....this is hard!!!) r some of my fav's too...:0)

This girl blows me away! Best singer EVER on the show!! I loved her from the 1st time I saw her. I predicted, then, she'd win the whole show. Big Competition this year- but she's BEST EVER!!

I love this girl...she is not only a good singer but she is an even better performer and she is very sexy in her very unique way...BEAUTIFUL EYES!! SIOBHAN MAGNUS ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry! But, I disagree totally with the above article and it's biased and ill informed opinion. Siobhan sings well, as a matter of fact, she sings exceptionally well, but is by no means the best performer on this season's show.

Siobhan offers no uniqueness in voice, talent or personality and my understanding is; that the purpose of the show is to seek out the above qualities in an artist. Please remember the key word here! UNIQUENESS!!

Siobhan is an accomplished singer, has the looks, beautiful personality and will go far. But she ain't unique!

Lets keep searching for uniqueness! Thanks. T.

i think it was redicoulsy and i hated it it was horrible and it sucked so bad

I can't believe Lacey got eliminated last night! I thought she would go far. Tim and Andrew have to be next. My full rankings on everyone...

Tim Urban is the best male singer. He wasnt’ always the best male singer. No, that distinction went to Alex Lambert during the semi-finals. But now that Alex Lambert is gone, the only good male singer left is Tim Urban. Mike Lynch has been ingesting steroids through a garden hose for so long, he now sounds like Demi Lovato. Plus, for a guy who is supposed to be a personal trainer, he has about a mile of flab sitting on top of his alleged muscles. Casey James is goodlooking, but he has nothing on Tim Urban who is chippendale-ish in his hotness. Lee Dewyze has a nice grating voice, but again he is nowhere near the hotness that Tim Urban emanates, besides I try to imagine Lee doing a reggae version of “Beast of Burden” and he fares worse than Tim Urban. Andrew Garcia’s is a case of diminishing results. His voice sucks and he put the UGH! in ugly. He needs to go, we can’t have ugly people singing badly. Aaron Kelly, the resident jailbait contestant, reminds me of a canary in a cage. He is singing for his survival and it borders on a horror show… this ain’t no SAW IX. Who else is left? The girls? Crystal Bowersox wants that coffehouse edge, but you can be edgy and still not look like you crawled out of a dumpster. Siobahn Magnus’ monkey howls do not impress me. Didi Benami is THIS close from being locked up in an insane asylum: her mother can’t bear to watch her perform, and frankly neither can I. And the rest of the chanteuses can simply jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, for all that they matter, especially now that Lilly Scott, the best contestant AI ever had, was given the boot.

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