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Did the academy really think 'The Blind Side' wasn't a best picture?


There weren't all that many surprises among the Oscar nominations, except for the fact that virtually every breathless Oscar pundit managed to leave "The Blind Side" off their best picture prediction lists. But what really seems surprising--even strange--is that when the best picture nominees were announced, the academy dumped "The Blind Side's" three producers into its "to be determined" list.

Since the academy has a rule limiting a film to three producers (except under extraordinary circumstances), it is no surprise that "The Hurt Locker" went into the "to be determined" Dumpster, since it has four producers. One of them will get the ax. But "The Blind Side" has only three producers--Alcon Entertainment partners Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove, who financed the film, and veteran producer Gil Netter, who started work on the project when it was at 20th Century Fox and was on board for the whole ride. 

So why wouldn't all three men deserve credit? As Kosove told Deadline Hollywood's Michael Fleming Tuesday: "I was confused by that announcement because my understanding was that there could be three producers, and all three of us functioned in that capacity." Reps for the Alcon duo have been incessantly phoning academy officials today, but still haven't received an answer. I don't think there's any doubt that all three producers will end up getting credit, especially since the Alcon team, even though they are known as financiers, are members of the academy's producer branch.

But according to a pair of different academy insiders, here's the most likely reason why the movie was stigmatized by being lumped into the "to be determined" purgatory: The academy simply didn't think "The Blind Side" would earn a best picture nomination, so they hadn't gotten around to fully completing the vetting process. I guess that's the true meaning of being an underdog, when the academy thinks a movie is such a long-shot that they don't even check out the producers until after they've walked away with a best picture nod.

"The Blind Side" photo by Ralph Nelson / Warner Bros.

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actually three pundits predicted THE BLIND SIDE and that would be me (toot toot), Scott Feinberg and Roger Ebert

So i decided to give BLIND SIDE a chance. And OMG my assumptions based on the first 5mins of watchin this film were ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.They might as well of nicknamed the black guy the BFG. This story is about the rising up of a black guy who is painted as dumb, gullible, strong and stupid whose only friends at school are children aged 4-6 who he plays with IN THE PLAYGROUND. Did i 4get to mention that he is 18 years old and oh yea, even his adoptive brother aged 6 is shown as havin more brains. The only and i mean THE ONLY other black ppl in the film are junkies,drug pusher's and criminals ALL of whom live in the ghetto. i can only assume that this film was directed by some white guy who thought it'd be nice to do a little 'charity work' and encourage the rest of us black folks to strive for betta by seeing how a black guy made it outta the ghetto thanx to the 'white in shining hero's' of the film - that being the family, the teachers, the coaches etc. Sorry to sound so cynical it is actually a good story and one that tugs at the heart strings. But it feels like the director of this film is some1 who has had no experience of a life outside the walls of disney world and has who has solely relied on the stereotypes of ghetto films to build up a misguided perception of ALL the black ppl in his film! This film is reminiscent of a disney film that has been candy flossed over so as not to offend wid scenes that are 'too real', 'uncomfortable' or 'upsetting'. This film has been squeaky cleaned to an inch of its life and has glazed over the depths of a true story which would have been more compellin had the director/producers invested the time and effort into gettin their hands dirty and showing the realities of this man's struggles. I love sandra bullock but i dont understand how she got the oscar for this? Or why after doin a film like 'crash', she would want to associate herself wid this? Its more suited to channel 5's afternoon movies i give it 2 outta 5!


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