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Michael Moore watch: Hey, bub, what happened to the baseball cap?

October 7, 2009 |  3:26 pm
Moore Everywhere he goes promoting "Capitalism: A Love Story," whether it's to gab with Jay Leno, Charlie Rose or Tavis Smiley, or even take the stage at his own movie premiere, Michael Moore wears his trademark baseball cap. It's his one and only fashion accessory, his way of reminding us that he's just one fleck of DNA -- or one good film-school class -- away from being a tubby auto worker on the assembly line in Flint, Mich. I'll bet Moore would wear a baseball cap to the White House. 

So what was the heavyweight occasion that inspired Moore to lose the cap and doll himself up in a coat and tie? (Hint: It sure wasn't the Keith Olbermann Show.) Just watch:

Photo: Sean Kilpatrick / Associated Press