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Could 'Paranormal Activity' trounce 'Saw VI' this weekend?


Up until now, Lionsgate's "Saw" franchise has been the behemoth of all horror behemoths, laying waste to competitors left and right. Each one of the five films so far -- made on minuscule budgets -- has earned more than $100 million around the world, with the last four sequels opening to at least $30 million in their U.S. debut weekends.

But is the reign of "Saw" about to end? My colleague John Horn, whose Word of Mouth column will appear in our Thursday Calendar section, is boldly predicting that the underground horror hit "Paranormal Activity," which is going wide on Friday, could actually win the weekend.

As he says in his upcoming story: "Box-office prognosticators say the clash for box-office supremacy could be remarkably close, with several giving a slight advantage to 'Paranormal Activity,' which continues to defy all expectations, even with Paramount," the studio releasing the surprise low-low-budget shockfest. Although Horn acknowledges that "Saw" has been among the most enduring of all genre series, he says "the likely winner is 'Paranormal Activity.' "

What I found especially fascinating is that the showdown features two very different horror movie styles, with "Saw's" torture-porn shocks going up against "Paranormal's" supernatural thrills. As Horn puts it, "Paranormal Activity" is a thriller "in the mold of 'The Blair Witch Project,' where the scariest moments mostly occur off-screen and in the audience's imagination."

Photo of Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat in "Paranormal Activity" from Paramount Pictures

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Um...I wouldn't call Saw torture-porn. Movies like Hostel, Hills Have Eyes, or that nature, sure. But I don't remember any nudity in ANY Saw films. Heck, even Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th should be under that category. But Saw is just a good bloody horror film.

I hope 'Paranormal Activity' wins. It actually scared me, and although I'm seeing Saw at midnight tonight I've already seen Paranormal twice, and plan to see it again this weekend. <3

I guarantee one of those movies is significantly better than the other one. Paranormal activity may not beat out Saw this weekend, but in the long run it should.

Its a blair witch movie out of the woods. Still it was very scary. I liked it.

I hope "Paranormal Activity" wins. I have liked the "Saw" movies, but it is just the same thing over and over again. I was not too impressed with "Saw 5." With "Paranormal Activity," it was the first time in a seriously, long while that I was that freaked out by a movie and it was so simplistic in the design. As far as the debate on "Saw" with "toture porn." They aren't using porn to discuss nudity, they are using that to describe the long duration of watching somebody tortured to death. If you watch the "Friday the 13th" and "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies, the kills might be bloody, but it is very quick and moves on(Usually to set-up the next kill).

My friend downloaded Paranormal Activity last night. Although at first I was expecting to be completely terrified, I found that it wasn't really scary until the last ten minutes or so. And Saw...well, it's more gruesome than actually scary. I didn't like Saw V that much, though. I think PA is going to win because all of the hype surrounding it, but I'm sure some people are going to wish they downloaded it for free haha.

PA was OK. Blair Witch was better


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