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Kanye West: The presidential bashing just keeps coming

First it was President Obama, who made headlines with his blunt assessment of Kanye West's boorish behavior at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, calling the hip-hop star a "jackass." (Even though there was an orgy of hand-wringing in media circles about whether ABC's Terry Moran should have Twittered the president's off-the-record quip, I always thought the real story was -- what is Obama doing watching the hopelessly tacky VMAs in the first place?)

West But now Kanye is in trouble with another Oval Office occupant, former President Jimmy Carter, who, speaking at a town hall meeting at Emory University, called West's behavior "completely uncalled-for" and, showing off a surprisingly dry sense of humor, added that "his punishment was to appear on the new Jay Leno show."

I'm betting that before the week is over, our other living ex-presidents will feel obligated to comment on the controversy in their own special way:

George W. Bush: "Kanye West? Isn't that the guy who wrote 'My Pet Goat?' "

Bill Clinton: "I don't know about Kanye, but I sure would like to have some hush puppies with Amber Rose." 

George H. W. Bush: "Never read 'My Pet Goat,' but I think a just punishment for Mr. West would be to read the damn book on 'Oprah' and see if he ever has any street cred afterward."

Photo: Kayne West. Credit: Jason Szenes / European Pressphoto Agency.

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I think that President Obama said it best, "JACKASS". The nerve of Kayne to get on Jay Leno and blame it on the pain he has suffered because of his mothers death. GROW UP Kayne, YOU SCREWED UP now you need to pay the price.

I didn't watch the awards show, but as soon as I turned the radio/TV on that was all the talk. If Kayne was looking for publicity, he sure is getting it....

Just another black racist shooting his mouth off.. and this is NEWS??

I thought that the President was preparing for an interview and that the network's feed was playing in the room; indeed, I think someone specifically asked him what he thought, albeit during the off-the-record getting-ready period.

Who is Kanye West?

Why in the world is this a topic? Are you kidding? The President's commenting on behavior of a singer? Please tell me the President of the United States is focusing on issues that are pressing........should we as a society be worried? I think so!!!

BHO is correct, KW is a jackass. Since we all agree, can we now move on to discussing more important matters, like unemployment, millions of uninsured Americans, education, etc., etc.?

Kanye West is a no-talent idiot. What makes me sick is that people IN THE MEDIA have claimed this guy has talent FOR YEARS. No one in the media has the BALLS to say the truth and the truth is "The Emperor wears no clothes!"

The guy steals other people's music and then speaks banal lyrics through a pitch-correction device. Where's the talent?

The media has allowed this egomaniac to fester for years. He and other no-talent, no-morals, no-intellect egomaniacs have been promoted by the music industry and their spineless lackies in the media for years.

I'm sick of it.

Promote talent, not ego.


I agree with most of the comments about your writing. You put too much emphasis on being snide. Your ego shows through with your writing, which makes you look bad. You come across as an intelligensia version of Kanye West.

Stick to journalism. If this is going to drift into opinion, then support your opinion in a disciplined fashion, otherwise you come across as a person with a mild case of histrionic personality disorder... which is annoying at best.

I just want to say that had the tables been turned and there was a black woman accepting her award and a white man went up on stage and pulled off what KaneFace did, it would automatically be considered a racist act on the white man. I personally am from a different race therefore I am looking at this from an outside view. This "thing" needs to be put in his place and shown that he is the reason that racism will never disappear from our society. It all begins somewhere!

Obama didn't watch the VMA awards; the news media's fascination with second-rate musicians and their antics ensures every one on the bloody planet heard about his behavior.

So, what's the latest news from Afghanistan, you ink-stained wretches?

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