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Kanye West: The presidential bashing just keeps coming

First it was President Obama, who made headlines with his blunt assessment of Kanye West's boorish behavior at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, calling the hip-hop star a "jackass." (Even though there was an orgy of hand-wringing in media circles about whether ABC's Terry Moran should have Twittered the president's off-the-record quip, I always thought the real story was -- what is Obama doing watching the hopelessly tacky VMAs in the first place?)

West But now Kanye is in trouble with another Oval Office occupant, former President Jimmy Carter, who, speaking at a town hall meeting at Emory University, called West's behavior "completely uncalled-for" and, showing off a surprisingly dry sense of humor, added that "his punishment was to appear on the new Jay Leno show."

I'm betting that before the week is over, our other living ex-presidents will feel obligated to comment on the controversy in their own special way:

George W. Bush: "Kanye West? Isn't that the guy who wrote 'My Pet Goat?' "

Bill Clinton: "I don't know about Kanye, but I sure would like to have some hush puppies with Amber Rose." 

George H. W. Bush: "Never read 'My Pet Goat,' but I think a just punishment for Mr. West would be to read the damn book on 'Oprah' and see if he ever has any street cred afterward."

Photo: Kayne West. Credit: Jason Szenes / European Pressphoto Agency.

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Look, I didn't vote or Obama, and strongly dislike almost every decision he has made, but reporting an off-the-record comment (pity you can't disbar reporters), and THEN acting like anyone else in America wasn't saying the same thing is way over the top. Then ragging on his taste in television? There are plenty of other things to be critical about this president, this falls into the category of "petty." The horse is dead, so put the bat down.

He has two school aged daughters..... Hello! "Quality time"!

I guess I am with the President. Last I heard of this man was duyring Katrina. I honestly do not know a single song he sings!

Who's Kanye West?

(what is Obama doing watching the hopelessly tacky VMAs in the first place?)

He has two daughters... connecting dots is not hard.

Kanye West is disrespectful, you don't upstage the president, not ever you are a rap artist nothing else. You have nothing to say. If I was Obama I would have the Secret Service toss you out on your big head.

Incorrect spelling. "there was an orgy of hand-ringing"

American Media: we get it, you don't like George Bush. Does your hatred have to be referenced in every article?


The VMA's suck and they should be glad Kanye gave them some exposure. MTV doesn't even play Music Video's so why still have VMA's. They should have trashy reality shows awards that teach kids how to drink and be sluts. MTV is dying off just like all other channels that cant keep up with new media. So MTV should be thanking Kanye for giving them a few minutes on every TV news station I bet most of us forgot MTV still existed.

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