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Kanye West: The presidential bashing just keeps coming

First it was President Obama, who made headlines with his blunt assessment of Kanye West's boorish behavior at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, calling the hip-hop star a "jackass." (Even though there was an orgy of hand-wringing in media circles about whether ABC's Terry Moran should have Twittered the president's off-the-record quip, I always thought the real story was -- what is Obama doing watching the hopelessly tacky VMAs in the first place?)

West But now Kanye is in trouble with another Oval Office occupant, former President Jimmy Carter, who, speaking at a town hall meeting at Emory University, called West's behavior "completely uncalled-for" and, showing off a surprisingly dry sense of humor, added that "his punishment was to appear on the new Jay Leno show."

I'm betting that before the week is over, our other living ex-presidents will feel obligated to comment on the controversy in their own special way:

George W. Bush: "Kanye West? Isn't that the guy who wrote 'My Pet Goat?' "

Bill Clinton: "I don't know about Kanye, but I sure would like to have some hush puppies with Amber Rose." 

George H. W. Bush: "Never read 'My Pet Goat,' but I think a just punishment for Mr. West would be to read the damn book on 'Oprah' and see if he ever has any street cred afterward."

Photo: Kayne West. Credit: Jason Szenes / European Pressphoto Agency.

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The real issue is - what a dick Kanye West is.

For once I agree with the President, he is a Jackass.

His Mother is probably rolling over so deep in disgust that no angel will ever find forgiveness for a soul so lost he hasn't a chance for recovery. It takes a lifetime of change to behave "humane" and I don't think he will make that initiative unless of course it involves a record deal.

I believe it's "hand-wringing" as opposed to "hand-ringing." But I ain't as smart as da LA Times.

you don't need to watch the show to know what's going on. i don't even have cable nor a tv and still knew what happened minutes after the fact. it's called the internet and friends. and for obama, staff members.

Dear Mr. Goldstein,
The word is hand-wringing. not hand-ringing.
Oh my! What is it with journalists nowadays?

Why does anyone even care about this no-talent egomaniac? Who the hell cares about the VMAs? None of these cretins have any talent and only get ink when they appear on drugs, get caught in a scandal or gun each other down. You want to know why America is going to hell it's because we take time out to pay attention to this.

LA Times, cover some real news, like testimony against Erik Prince. Kanye West is on his way to the career dumpster courtesy of the same foul oversized ego that plagues most rappers, who aren't singers and can't play instruments. Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis they ain't, no matter how much the media hypes their stars in the interest of foisting moronic non-culture on the masses instead of enlightening high art that makes the public question their mass-media corporate puppet-mastered lives. Taylor Swift deserved to have her non-award taken from her, and it was taken by a clown who wanted to give it to another no-talent model-clown. Culture in America is in as deep a recession as the economy.

what "rule" would this potentially change "Mesiyah"?

It is not that historical.

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