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Bob Weinstein picks new name for Dimension: Sequel Films


OK, we're just kidding about the name change, but Bob Weinstein is telling Variety that he's going "back to doing what I do best" -- yelling at his brother, Harvey. (OK, still just kidding.)

But seriously, in what seems like an obvious attempt to deflect even more stories about the Weinstein Co.'s layoffs and persistent economic woes, Bob Weinstein has announced an entire slate of films devoted to -- ahem --  sequels.

I guess originality really is dead in Hollywood. Weinstein said that "Scream 4" will start production next spring, with Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette also returning to costar in the film. He also revealed that Robert Rodriguez is writing "Spy Kids 4," which Rodriguez will direct in 3-D. In addition, Dimension also is preparing to make "Halloween 3" in 3-D, along with sequels to "Hellraiser" and "Scanners," also in 3-D. 

The other films Weinstein said were in also in the works weren't sequels -- just remakes, including redos of "Short Circuit" (geez, aren't you just spinning around in wild circles of mad expectation for that one?), "Children of the Corn" and "An American Werewolf in London." Weinstein boasted "I'm heading back to my franchise films," which is my idea of a money quote, since it should mark the first and last time you see "franchise" and "Short Circuit" mentioned in the same story. 

Photo of Bob Weinstein by Daniel Acker / Bloomberg News

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As far as the lay offs go, they've obviously already fired the person that manages their website as it's been down for the past two weeks. Ya get the feeling Bob and Harvey aren't checking their own homepage too often?


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