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Are you ready for Johnny Depp in drag ... again?

July 16, 2009 |  1:49 pm

Paging John Waters. I think Johnny Depp is ready to work with you again. It's always possible that the 46-year-old movie star was just bored out of his skull, doing all those endless interviews to promote "Public Enemies." Or maybe he was just putting on some especially dim-witted celebrity interviewer. But according to this report in the Daily Mirror, Depp is ready to shed his pirate gear, toss away his gangster submachine gun and embrace his inner drag queen. Or as Depp put it:

"My dream role would be to play musical legend Carol Channing in a biopic of her life. I love her, I really do. She's amazing. With all the digital technology available these days, I could probably pull it off."

Of course, when Depp was younger, he had a soft spot for campy roles, playing the title character in Waters' 1990 film, "Cry Baby," as well as starring in 1994's "Ed Wood." (Some would say Depp's campiest role of all was in the wonderfully over-the-top "Sweeney Todd.") And he went full drag in 2000's "Before Night Falls." But Carol Channing? Forget about the digital visual trickery -- how would he do that voice? 

Just in case you forgot what it sounds like, here's Channing, in a truly campy performance on -- gasp! -- "Sesame Street":