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And 'The Hangover' is the weekend winner!


The final numbers are coming in. Thanks to a strong Sunday showing, "The Hangover" won the weekend box-office derby, earning $45 million, which boosts the R-rated comedy into the No. 1 slot, edging out "Up," which hung on to make $44.3 million in its second weekend of release. If you look way-way-waaaay down, you can find "Land of the Lost" hanging on to third place with a lowly $18.7 million.

We'll have more to say about this later, but one thing once again seems obvious: If you have a really good movie with a strong concept and no movie stars going up against a really bad movie with a weak concept and a big movie star -- the good movie wins every time. The public can no longer be hypnotized into seeing a bad movie just by the presence of a A-list star.   

Photo: Left to right, Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms in "The Hangover." Credit: Frank Masi / Warner Bros.

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Did you actually see either one or are you just assuming based on the critical and box office data? If so you're using circular logic.

The fact is, the only thing The Hangover had going for it that Lost didn't was a funny, audience specific trailer and a niche all to itself for the weekend.

The star system blows. Seriously, there's no real logic behind it and no numbers to support A-list casts and the premiums they command.


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