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'American Idol's' Adam Lambert: We felt your pain, dude

Adamlambert As much as I hate to say anything nice about Adam Lambert or, god forbid, ever agree with the lunkheaded Paula Abdul on matters of taste, I confess -- the cherubic sprite nailed it last night, doing a wonderfully silky job of crooning Yvonne Ellman's old "Saturday Night Fever" hit, "If I Can't Have You."

When I heard it was disco night on "American Idol," I was thinking exactly what Simon Cowell was thinking, as he told Lambert: "I would've bet $10,000 you were going to do Donna Summer."

But Lambert went the ballad route. With his swept-back hair and shiny gray suit, he looked a little like the young Wayne Newton in the made-for-TV version of "Reservoir Dogs." But he got the smoldering emotion of the song exactly right, even if Abdul -- as usual -- overstated the case by exclaiming, "It was as if you tore your heart out and left it on the stage." Actually, on "American Idol," the whole idea is to wear your heart on your sleeve and hope Cowell doesn't tear your entire arm off.

But call me a convert -- last night, Lambert gave us a showstopper.

Photo: Adam Lambert. Credit: Michael Becker / Fox.


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ADAM is GOD's gift to humanity in this generation at the right timing of global economic depression.
And GOD has been kind to him showering him with all his amazing talents that's out of this world coupled with drop dead gorgeous looks and oozing sex appeal and magnetism attractive to all, male or female, young or old. I can't find fault.
What is awesome, is that with all these blessings, he wears it with a crown of humility and graciousness. How can anything go wrong for him?
I thank GOD for Adam at this point in time.. Something to look forward to. Something to get excited for. Something to be thankful for.
He's in my prayers that he remains the same as he is on to become a legend in this generation.
I'm happy to witness it as a 50 year old baby boomer. You just have to respect phenomenal talents for it's from GOD to be acknowledged and recognized. It can't be denied.

Gee Patrick, I realize some people are naturally slower than others, but you're embarrassing slow in recognizing what REAL talent is, but perhaps you and many others deserve a break as you probably listen too much to mainstream radio.

With the current avalanche of troublesome news and a deepening sense of crisis in the United States and by extension in Canada too, and the innumerable heartbreaking stories of personal loss and suffering and of individual tragedies woven into forming the clouds, Adam Lambert's honesty and integrity in portraying his raw emotions through his singing connects with both the broken hearted and those who are afraid and often desperate. He cannot emote such emotions without having experienced the pain of them himself. I believe our hopes for him to achieve well deserved universal success and recognition are borne out of our need to believe that things can and will get better.
Adam is not a saviour but he is a shining symbol of what needs to be rekindled in the hearts of America, of North America.
Adam is hope wrapped in brilliance crowned with humility.

I understand that some people 'don't get' Adam because they only see small parts of his talents in Idol (and most haters refer that to his screeching and screaming). But if you dig youtube, search for his pre-Idol performances, you will realize Adam deserves to be the next legend of music. Technically speaking, I think he is one of the best singer ever in the world, and I mean EVER.

I am a 48 year old mother of 3 sons all of whom are in music or music school. I never watched American Idol, until now and only to watch Adam Lambert. I caught a performance of Adam Lambert's on the web, and was completely taken aback. He is incredibly talented. He does have the whole package, talent, stage presence, charisma, the talent of a seasoned performer. He is a pleasure to watch and listen too. He reminds one of all of the tremendous talents going back to Elvis, all the way through to today, he's just a real find. My sons have educated me and vice versa of most music genres, from the old jazz to today's metal (all types). Adam is really in a league of his own, and hopefully will get the full appreciation he is due.

Uhhhhh....get your facts straight. the shiny gray suit was what he wore when he sang tracks of my tears. his disco night suit was black. i thought you were a reporter?


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