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Patrick Goldstein

Patrick Goldstein writes about entertainment and pop culture for the Los Angeles Times Calendar section. His column, The Big Picture, offers insight and perspective on the always mysterious inner workings of the movie industry.

He has written for a host of newspapers and magazines, including Rolling Stone, Esquire, Vogue, Premiere, the New York Sunday Magazine and the Washington Post. Over the years he has road tested an electric car with Tom Cruise, beaten Shaquille O'Neal in a free-throw shooting contest and actually seen Ice Cube smile.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, who wishes he would turn off the computer sometimes, and his son, who wishes his dad could teach him how to throw a good curveball.

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How about an article on KCET's unimaginative choices for it's Sunday Movie Series. The films picked are recycled on cable endlessly and are also easy to find at any video rental store that still exists. The choices show a timid and conservative mindset behind a station that champions itself as being a part of LA's cultural landscape. They have not shown a movie that has not been already played out from being recycled in mass culture.

Also they advertise as showing the complete movie without commercials. However, KCET is editing these films for content. I shut off their selection of A Fish Called Wanda tonight when I realized they cut out a scene that dealt with the Michael Palin character attempting to assassinate an elderly lady walking dogs only to have the attempt go awry. KCET, in it's wisdom decided to cut one of the funniest gags in the movie leaving any first time viewer confused as to what just transpired.

I will no longer tune in the KCET movie series now that I know they are editing the films not that I was motivated to watch them given their poor programming.

The censorship and blatant commercial programming of KCET gives a good clue to the audience to what direction they are moving in to be an independent television station and I will not be tuning in.

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