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David Zucker on GOP babe Sarah Palin: She's hot!

Palin_3I cover Hollywood, America's great liberal oasis, where there is an organic boneless breast of chicken in every pot and a Prius on every block. So when I canvassed my friends today, the verdict on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's fiery speech Wednesday night at the GOP convention was clear: She's a menace to society, a hockey mom whose tough talk fell on deaf ears. She may be a hit with the Republican base, but in Hollywood, Palin's strident attacks on Barack Obama and her skepticism toward evolution and global warming make her something of a pariah. As one liberal commentator put it, it was the Speech to Nowhere.

But what do Hollywood conservatives think? I called up David Zucker (best known as one of the funny guys behind "Airplane!" and the "Naked Gun" series) whose upcoming film, "An American Carol," spoofs a cynical anti-American filmmaker (think Michael Moore) on a crusade to abolish the Fourth of July holiday. Zucker was impressed by Palin's composure, her feisty delivery and appalled by the media's double standard toward her. I mentioned that many in the media view her as a character out of an outlandish reality TV show, not a particularly experienced or thoughtful politician.

"That's totally unfair," he says. "Why put that label on her? I'd rather see her criticized for the shape of her eyeglasses. Actually, I'm a fan of reality TV shows, but I guess they're something liberals look down on. Look, we shouldn't be surprised, since the whole media is biased--including Fox News. But at least they admit it. It's the networks and the national press that won't admit it. Why won't Katie Couric admit that she's as biased as anyone at Fox News?"

As for Palin, Zucker says he agrees with 90% of her views. "I'm still pro-choice and I know there's some kind of climate change going on, though we may not know why. But it's a matter of priorities. The Democrats think the biggest threat to the world is global warming. It doesn't bother me that Sarah doesn't believe that. There are more important things to believe in, starting with the war on terror."

Zucker was in Minnesota the other day, showing an early cut of "An American Carol" to a friendly audience--2,400 conventiongoers along with the families of veterans who'd been killed in Iraq. Even in that setting, he managed to keep his comedy bearings. How funny was he? Keep reading:   

Joined by Jon Voight, Kevin Farley and other cast members, Zucker got up to introduce the film to the large crowd. He reminded them that he was a recent convert to the cause, noting that he'd voted for Bill Clinton (twice) and Al Gore in 2000 before the events of 9/11 edged him further right. "I told them that being a relatively new convert, I still had a lot of stereotypes of what Republicans were like, you know, corporate raiders out on the golf courses and at country clubs and, of course, all the lonely guys in airport restrooms."

That got a laugh, either proving that Republicans haven't entirely lost their sense of humor or that Larry Craig jokes kill, no matter who's in the audience. Zucker went on to introduce "American Carol" producer Stephen McEveety, who'd also produced Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ." "I said, 'This guy obviously knows what audiences want--three hours of Jews beating up God's son.' "

It reminded me that Zucker is something of a fish out of water--an ex-liberal Jew whose most loyal audience may well be evangelical Christians. It hardly bothers him. "I know that liberal Jews regard evangelical Christians as persecutors, but they're actually the best friends Jews have. They are loyal supporters of Israel, along with wanting lower taxes, smaller government and a strong defense. To me, they are my best allies."

So would Zucker make the ultimate sacrifice--if Sarah Palin asked him to write jokes for her, would he take the job? "So far they haven't come to me, probably because there are lots of joke writers that are lots better than me," he says. "But I do sometimes see the joke potential. When McCain introduced Palin for the first time at this huge rally, where they were surrounded by 10,000 or more people, she got up and said it was her wedding anniversary. The moment was perfect. I wanted her to point to her husband and say, 'And I promised Todd that we could be alone.' "

Photo of Sarah Palin by Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times

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Good, pithy post ... but can you explain this line?

"That got a laugh, either proving that Republicans haven't entirely lost their sense of humor ..."

Hey Jerry! You'll make a great right-winger! But before you drink all the Kool Aid, consider her positions.

Choice for me and only me! I choose to keep my Down Syndrome baby, but all the rest of you, NO CHIOCE!

My 17 year old can blow my teachings off by having pre-marital sex, but for the rest of you, FAMILY VALUES!! Abstain Dammit!

And: Earmarks are bad! McCain and I oppose them...except for the time I supported them as Mayor of Hooterville!

A truly laugh out loud choice guys. That's ok. We'll take it.

PS -"Todd" - looks like he gets a tattoo every time he chugs a pitcher of cold brew at Billy Bob's Tavern. Nice goatee.

John McCain believes that Sarah Palin is TOTALLY HOT! too. Immediately after he introduced Palin as his running mate to the GOP convention delegates and a national television audience, John stood by her side and couldn't suppress a wolf's grin as he checked out Palin's butt and legs twice, looking her up and down while lusting in his heart. CNN's "Situation Room" and later Jay Leno replayed the video (love the slo-mo, Jay), which must be on YouTube now.

Palin's acceptance speech Wednesday night was remarkable. She was personable, direct, fiesty and forceful, humorous and playful, sarcastic and witty, and on point about the subjects that she chose to talk about.

Unfortunately, as David Zucker notes, Sarah Palin is waaaay right wing on social issues: anti-abortion, opposes gay marriage, finds the theory of evolution unpersuasive and wants Creationism taught as valid science in public schools, attempted as mayor to have her town's public library remove books that annoyed her, believes that the Iraq war is "God's will" and a major ingredient in "God's plan" for the USA, and on and on and on. The more we learn about Palin's beliefs and legislation wish list, the more she appears to be driven by a religious dynamic compelling her to infect statutory law with her particular religious dogma. The USA is a constitutional, democratic republic, Governor Palin, not a theocracy. Huge difference.

How disappointing. I used think Zucker was an intelligent and clever guy. Maybe he's had a bit too much neo con Koolaid if he can't see through the crap these right wing crackpots are selling.

Is global warming the democrats biggest threat? I would say it is pathos. It's just not okay to be openly racist anymore.

John McCain came off as a pleasant, robotic, experienced politician; a subdued buccaneer ready to fight! He loves our country, and so do we. Bring on the debates.

Palin, at first smattering, scares me. Energized the party? Yes. Rock Star status? Okay, fine. Representing 300 million people in the most complicated time in our young history if the septuagenarian passes away?

'God bless John McCain' says the man, and I agree. But God, please give Americans the strength to watch and read and listen objectively without prejudice at the debates.

I was pro-Hillary in a big way, and my eyes and ears were open watching both conventions, and God's honest truth, it felt like watching two different Americas. My hope is that a year after this election, the people of majority will be proud of their decision for a change.

Have you honestly done your homework? What would your best history teacher say to your reasoning?

It's been 20 years since "Naked Gun." Zucker's output has been mediocre at best since then.
And if that wasn't enough proof that the well had run dry, what about his suggested "wedding anniversary" joke? Oy.

Is he the biggest Hollywood conservative Goldstein can track down? Not that Goldstein has any problem planting his lips firmly on Zucker's tuchis...

"the best friends Jews have"... it wouldn't be surprising if he'd read Zev Chafets's book, A Match Made in Heaven, about Jews and evangelicals, reviewed here:

Reb party: WOMEN RULE!
Power of 8!

If you have the 8-figurrrr--> you, women, are our Goddess.
If you have any other figure- > you, women, are our Doormat

New Reb party motto: No 'power of one' here. 8 is higher..

Well, it's about a month later. And me being a dreaded, some might consider the enemy, Liberal Democrat, I'm wonder how conservatives are feeling about Palin. She's already been thrown under the bus by several elite Republican radio and tv personalities, and her embarrassing and painful-to-watch solo interviews have provided some of the best material for SNL in years. (I'd totally vote for Tina Fey!).

So Conservatives, has your impression and enthusiasm for Palin changed? Dampened a bit?

Just curious.

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