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Space tourist publishes book of photos from trip

September 1, 2011 |  6:40 pm


It’s rare to get a book deal documenting your recent vacation.

Unless that vacation destination is outer space.

Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque du Soleil and one of the world’s first space tourists, produced a book of photographs taken of the Earth during his 11-day trip in 2009.

Using Nikon D3S and Nikon D3X digital-SLR cameras, Laliberte snapped photos of the Earth from 220 miles away. Take a look above and here.

The book, entitled "Gaia," features 149 pictures.

Laliberte got to the space station via Vienna, Va.-based Space Adventures. The company has organized eight trips to the space station for seven space enthusiasts on a three-person Soyuz rocket owned by the Russian government.

Its first client was Dennis A. Tito, a California multimillionaire who founded Wilshire Associates Inc., an investment firm in Santa Monica. In 2001, Tito was the world's first space tourist, shelling out $20 million for the ride.


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-- W.J. Hennigan

Photo: Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte looks at one of the photos from his new book, "Gaia," before his book launch in Montreal in June. Credit: Reuters/Christinne Muschi