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Facebook launches question-and-answer feature

Getprev For answers to everyday questions such as "What party should I go to?" and more existential dilemmas like "Am I a jerk?," millions of people turn to Facebook and query their friends.

Now the social media giant has launched Facebook Questions -- a question-and-answer feature akin to Yahoo! Answers that can pose your questions to the entire Facebook community.

The new feature, which has been in beta-testing since July and is now rolling out to all users (to activate click here), shows up at the top of your News Feed and Profile pages as a share option along with status updates, photos, links and videos.

You can also add a photo or set up a poll with a limited number of answers for more targeted querying. If you want to ask, "What should I do this weekend?," for example, just type in the question, then click "Add Poll Options" and fill it in with specific answers such as the beach, a movie, pub crawl, sky diving, sleep, etc.

If another question piques your interest, you can "Follow" it and receive a notification anytime a new answer is submitted.

Perhaps the most important factor to consider, though, before going forth and seeking wisdom is that Facebook Questions has no privacy settings. All questions and answers are "public and visible to everyone on the Internet," Facebook said.

If you just want to get your friends' opinions, Facebook suggests you pose your question as a status update.


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-- Shan Li

Photo: Shot of a Facebook page. Credit: Sean Kilpatrick / Associated Press.



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