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iPhone apps that will spice up your photo albums

July 21, 2010 |  7:43 pm

The days of simply taking a single photo on your iPhone are fading. The first batch of photo apps we reviewed showed users how to add a border or different tint to a solo photo and many other one-dimensional tweaks. But whether it's stitching several photos together, or finding artistic ways to arrange photos on top of each other, iPhone users are increasingly adding layered twists to their photos.

HazelMail - Free to download

When's the last time you sent or received a postcard? If you can't remember the answer, this application provides a fantastic solution to that. It allows users to upload pictures from their phone's photo library, and HazelMail will convert them into tangible snail-mailable postcards. Although the app is free, each postcard is $1 after the first. Still, a buck is a steal considering that their price is less than the cost of most postcards and their postage, and it also eliminates the steps of buying a postcard and stamp, and finding a mail drop-off. 

Pano - $2.99

There are dozens of reasons why taking pictures on your iPhone beat pictures taken with a standard digital camera. That said, the Pano app is definitely one of the best reasons. This application stitches several pictures together into one long panorama, enabling viewers to feel like they were at the scene of the picture.






Juxtaposer Lite - Free

The more typical use of this app is adding some comedy to your photos by swapping faces or placing someone in an unlikely photo. What it also enables users to instantaneously do from their phones is make artistic edits. For example, if you take a photo (in this case a pano) in which one element needs editing, it's possible to take a second photo, layer it on top of the first one, and create a third version. See below:







Animoto - Free

Simple and fun, this app enables the user to select 12 to 16 photos from their photo library, attach a song choice from the application's library, and create a 30-second video from the given pictures and audio. If you have a dozen or so pictures that are thematically similar and want to spend less than five minutes editing them together with sound, it's fun to use.

iTimeLapse - $2.99

iTimeLapse allows you to capture a series of pictures, string them together and select background music to create stop-motion video. How many pictures you take, the number of pictures you place per second, and whether you set your phone to automatically snap pictures at intervals or manually take them is up to you. It also allows you to run several projects at one time: So whether you're taking a picture of yourself daily for a year and also taking a series of pictures of a flower blooming, you can still take both series of photos at the same time.

--Zohreen Adamjee