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Get live updates from your kid's Little League game on a PC or phone

March 4, 2010 |  2:50 pm

Pro sports fans know the modern wonders of being able to track their favorite teams' stats and play-by-play online thanks to tools like ESPN's Gamecast and Yahoo's StatTracker. New York's Fungo Media is doing the same for Little League.

With GameChanger's free website, parents can check into the site after a baseball game for the box score breakdown. The site is currently being beta tested. Once it launches in the second quarter of this year, users will be able to pay $10 or $12 per month (the company hasn't decided which) for access to live game tracking as well as in-depth team and player stats.

Fungo Media founder Ted Sullivan was in Palos Verdes on Saturday for Rolling Hills Little League's youth baseball opening day. Parents and coaches listened as he laid out the groundwork for the software that could revolutionize how parents track their kids' games, how coaches measure player performance and how high schools and colleges recruit.

A father who can't break away from work to see his son's playoff game could follow along in his browser or on a smart phone. The website works in practically any browser. There will also be text message or e-mail alerts when, for example, a son's name shows up in the play-by-play.

Coaches could get a better feel for pitchers' performances with the software's statistical outputs. Recruiters, too, could have access to that data if the player or coach submits them.

For teams considering adding GameChanger into their workflow, it's practically a no-brainer. The service and application is free to encourage uptake. All that's needed is an iPhone or iPod Touch. Just check one of the player's lockers. They'll have one.

Fungo is also working on apps for Android and iPad -- the latter of which Sullivan is very excited for as a score-keeping device. "There's some really cool things you can do with the added space," he said.

Sullivan envisions GameChanger replacing the current way scorekeepers log the game. Input is much simpler and the system crunches all the stats -- no math necessary. Because seriously, after a long day of school, who really wants to be doing addition and subtraction anyway?

-- Mark Milian