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For that pampered pooch: a RFID-enabled automatic doggie door

November 2, 2009 |  4:28 pm

This Pomeranian lives the posh life but the doggie door is so yesterday. Utilizing a smart chip on the dog's collar, the Plexidor Electronic Door would automatically open the door for the pooch. Credit: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times.
Dogs that open doggie doors with their noses are such ruffians. Those ill-mannered animals will probably never get a date or a bone.

Sophisticated pets, with deep-pocketed owners, can now use garage-like doggie doors that open and close electronically when a pet wearing a collar with a radio-frequency-identification chip approaches. The doors only open for the pet with the RFID chip, keeping out unwanted visitors.

The chips are widely used at automated toll booths and for tracking airline baggage.

Plexidor Electronic Pet Doors cost $129 to $800 depending on the size and model.  To see a picture, check out our L.A. Unleashed blog.

"It allows the pets to go outside when they have to, not when you're able to let them out," said Plexidor President Joe Ambrose. He added: "For the pet owner, it is very helpful in preventing pet messes in the house from the pet having to hold it too long."

-- Melissa Rohlin