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Around the Web 1.9.09: Silliest CES gadget, cheers for Palm Pre, TV on phones

January 9, 2009 |  9:11 am

Parking meter -- The Palm Pre could be "the most important handset to be announced in two years." Perhaps there’s hope for Palm yet. Gizmodo

-- Yahoo may be close to deciding on a new CEO and that person may be (gasp) a woman. WSJ

-- Free mobile TV will come to 22 cities this year. But is anyone watching? NewTeeVee

-- The silliest gadget from CES allows you to wear a whole phone on your ear. And you thought your Bluetooth made you look cool. Gizmodo

-- If all cellphones were touch-screen, Stevie Wonder and other blind people might not be able to call to say they love you. At CES, they ask companies to make products more accessible to the blind. Reuters via Yahoo

-- French parking meters could send you a text to tell you to move your car or get a ticket. Don't reply while driving. Telegraph

-- EMarketer releases some predictions for '09, including that video ads will soar and newspapers will croak. Seeking Alpha

-- Google has more than 1.3 million advertisers. If it's possible, Yahoo just got even more jealous. Silicon Alley Insider

--The iPod Touch might be hurting iPhone sales. But does that hurt Apple?

-- PlanetOut finally finds a partner (and sugar daddy).

-- The Supreme Court may decide today who has control of video on demand. Sorry, it’s not going to be the viewers. LAT

-- Will Apple go to CES next year? Yes, the same Apple that says it now despises trade shows. Cult of Mac

-- Alana Semuels

Photo: They already have names; next they'll be able to text. Credit: Nahh via Flickr