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Super Bowl could be run oriented [video]



The Patriots and Giants must keep Tom Brady and Eli Manning protected, so does that mean Super Bowl XLVI will be run-oriented? CineSport's Noah Coslov turns to the Times NFL columnist Sam Farmer for answers.

Kevin Faulk and Ahmad Bradshaw are also interviewed in the video, all talking about the importance of the running game.

Farmer says teams often change their personality in the playoffs, and says to look for the Giants to run the ball in the Super Bowl.


Jordan Payton's odd journey ends at UCLA

Quarterback T.J. Millweard signs with UCLA

Offensive lineman Carl Hulick signs with Bruins

--Houston Mitchell


Tuck: Giants' Super Bowl win over Pats 'one of the best games ever'


Defensive end Justin Tuck is among 15 players on the Giants' roster who were members of the team four years ago, when New York stunned New England in the Super Bowl.

"We consider that probably one of the best games ever played," Tuck said. "We were very fortunate to be a part of it. To win a Super Bowl in that fashion -- a lot of us were young in our careers .... "

"The last couple of years, we have just continued to grow and I think this year is evidence of that, considering some of the roller coasters we've been on this year. We always just believed in each other."

The Giants were 7-7 with two games remaining in this regular season, and they had to beat Dallas in a winner-take-all finale for the NFC East crown.

Asked if he brought his championship ring on this trip to show younger players, Tuck said: "It's funny. A lot of us don't wear our rings. I don't wear mine.

"I always say that I have nine other fingers that I'm trying to fill up."


Sources say Peyton Manning might not play again

Peyton Manning to play for 49ers? Dolphins? Jets? Hmm...

Peyton Manning should play only for the Colts, Michael Irvin says

 -- Sam Farmer in Indianapolis

Photo: Justin Tuck strips the ball from Tom Brady in Super Bowl XLII. Credit: Chris O'Meara / Associated Press.

Eli Manning hit with questions about Peyton on Super Bowl media day

Eli Manning field questions about Peyton Manning on Super Bowl media day

It’s Super Bowl XLVI week … Giants-Patriots … a rematch of one of the great upsets in Super Bowl history. Eli Manning vs. Tom Brady. And a topic that wouldn’t go away on media day?

Peyton Manning.

Eli was asked 13 questions during his session with the media Tuesday and six of them concerned his older brother, the Colts quarterback who missed this season because of neck surgery and whose football future is still in doubt.

It's no wonder poor Eli stumbled when answering a question about how he feels about possibly winning a Super Bowl in his brother’s hometown, on his brother’s home field:

“It's just a matter of trying to get ready for the Patriots, trying to get ready to play this game, uh, getting prepared for their defense and we’ll look back on, on the fact on playing in the Super Bowl in Peyton’s uh ... in the town where he played his NFL ... uh ... plays, you know, plays for the Colts ... we’ll look on that later.”

Plays? Played? Playing? Uh, not quite sure how to spit that out, huh, Eli? Could it be he has a little inside information? Or is he just as clueless about his brother's situation as the rest of us?

The Giants quarterback also commented on whether the uncertainty with Peyton’s football future causes him to have a deeper appreciation for the game.

“You don’t know when a season might be cut short on you," Eli said. "It’s not just reminding me because of what Peyton’s going through.”

Going through, gone through or …


Sources say Peyton Manning might not play again

Peyton Manning to play for 49ers? Dolphins? Jets? Hmm...

Peyton Manning should play only for the Colts, Michael Irvin says

-- Athan Atsales

Photo: Eli Manning answers questions from the media at Lucas Oil Stadium on Tuesday. Credit: Scott Halleran / Getty Images

Peyton Manning says he's confident he'll return

Peyton Manning

In an interview Tuesday with ESPN's Trey Wingo, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning said doctors are optimistic he can return to play after multiple neck surgeries.

"Everything they're saying is, 'Everything's right on point, everything looks good,' that I'll be cleared and ready to go," Manning said. "So that's encouraging to me."

If the Colts intend to keep him, they have to pay Manning a $28-million bonus by March 8. Asked what he needs to know -- and the Colts need to know -- before that date, Manning said: "That's hard for me to answer. Certainly [Colts Owner] Jim Irsay and I are going to talk. It's tough to do this week. He's got a lot going on [and] I'm still trying to get tickets for family members coming in."

Manning, whose brother Eli will quarterback the New York Giants in Sunday's Super Bowl, said he plans to attend Irsay's party Thursday night but they probably won't talk about the quarterback's future then.

"We will [talk] at the appropriate time, and when we do, I think some decisions will be made after that," Manning said. "Until then, I'm just continuing to rehab, work hard, and enjoy this week, because it really is a special week for the city and certainly for my family."

Manning said the appropriate time will be "probably after this week.... It will happen soon."

He said his relationship with Irsay is "great. It's always been great, and it will continue to be great for the rest of our lives, I can assure you of that."


Sources say Peyton Manning might not play again

Peyton Manning should play only for the Colts, Michael Irvin says

Super Bowl media bombard Eli Manning with questions -- about Peyton

-- Sam Farmer in Indianapolis

Photo: Peyton Manning. Credit: Phelan M. Ebenhack / Associated Press

Chad Ochocinco puts on a low-key show at Super Bowl media day

Chad Ochocinco

What has happened to Chad Ochocinco? After 10 seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals filled with crazy antics but no postseason success, he finally makes it to the Super Bowl. And on his first media day as a player he does ... pretty much nothing.

The veteran wide receiver spoke in low, sometimes barely audible tones as he addressed reporters from an open spot on the field between podiums set up for Aaron Hernandez and Matthew Slater.

That's right -- Chad Ochocinco didn't even get his own podium. The whole scene was a reflection of the year that he had with the Patriots, falling into the background behind star receiver Wes Welker and emerging tight ends Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski.

"I took this as a challenge, as a lesson," Ochocinco said of his role with the Patriots. "I think it was a test from you-know-who upstairs. Will he be able to handle himself the right way in different circumstances when he's not that guy, the main focal point? I think I did extremely well regardless of what everyone might say."

The 11-year veteran caught 15 passes for 276 yards, both career lows, and just one touchdown reception, his lowest output since his rookie season in Cincinnati back in 2001. He also kept a surprisingly low profile with the media.

“I would have so much more to say if ...” Ochocinco started saying at one point before his voice trailed off without finishing the thought.

So no publicity stunts from the man who once did the Riverdance in the end zone and attended last year's media day as a reporter for his own network. Unless ... maybe this was the publicity stunt. After all, he does seem to be getting quite a bit of attention for doing nothing to grab our attention.

Just when you think you've seen it all from Ochocinco, he pulls something like this. The man is a publicity genius!


Terrell Owens out of work, going broke and 'in hell'

Carolina Panthers change logo for first time in team history

Peyton Manning likely will never play football again, sources say

-- Chuck Schilken

Photo: Chad Ochocinco answers questions from the media at Lucas Oil Stadium on Tuesday. Credit: Michael Heiman / Getty Images

Tom Brady still feels like he's proving himself

Tom Brady

New England quarterback Tom Brady has led the Patriots to five Super Bowls since 2001 and is a lock for Canton on the first ballot. Still, there's a part of him that's still determined to prove himself, still a part of that Tom Brady selected in the sixth round of the 2000 draft.

“I don’t think it’s just that 2000 NFL draft," Brady said. "What you’re always trying to do as an athlete is prove it to yourself. You go through a college career and think you do a decent job –- not that you get overlooked, it’s just that there are other guys who they feel can do a better job –- so you just keep working hard, you just keep believing in yourself and looking for your opportunity.

"Unfortunately, I got my opportunity through Drew (Bledsoe) getting injured. At the same time, I wanted to take advantage of that opportunity. Life is about taking advantage of opportunities, and you never know when you’re going to get them. You have to be prepared to take advantage when you get them. You try to go out there and be confident in yourself so you can inspire confidence in others.

"I always tell young players, ‘How do you expect me to be confident in you when I look at you and see that you’re not confident in yourself?’ You’re always bringing that level of confidence so guys look at you and say, ‘I know he’s going to get it done, so this is how I’m going to prepare myself.’"

Asked about the difference between the Super Bowl in early 2002 and this one, Brady said: "That was the 9-11 year, so there was only one week to prepare. We went down to New Orleans and there was so much happening, not just with Super Bowl week. I had actually hurt my ankle in the previous game, so I spent a ton of time in the training room getting ready for that game. We were playing one of the greatest teams in football (St. Louis).

"From what I do remember, it was a pretty crazy week. There was a ton to do in a very short amount of time.”

-- Sam Farmer, reporting from Indianapolis

Peyton Manning likely will never play football again, sources say

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning's football career is likely over, two sources close to the Indianapolis Colts quarterback with knowledge of his recovery from neck surgery told Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports.

Although the vertebrae in Manning's neck have healed as expected, which allowed him to start throwing again back in December, the same can't be said for the nerves in his arm, according to the sources. They say the velocity on his passes has not improved and possibly never will.

All of which, the sources say, indicates the four-time MVP will probably never play again.

Two league-affiliated doctors with experience in spinal fusion surgery told Cole that it would be too risky for Manning to play again and that it could take as long as a year for Manning to know whether a return is possible.

Manning could not be reached for a comment on the Yahoo! article, but he has indicated that he has every intention of resuming his NFL career.

Speculation about Manning's future with the Colts has been a main topic of conversation leading up to the Super Bowl, which is being held in Indianapolis and features Manning's younger brother, Eli, as one of the starting quarterbacks.

Manning is due a $28-million bonus in early March, but Colts owner Jim Irsay said Monday that he and the quarterback agreed that all the NFL discussion in Indianapolis this week should be about the Super Bowl.


Peyton Manning, Jim Irsay say they're on the same page

Peyton Manning to play for 49ers? Dolphins? Jets? Hmm...

Peyton Manning to retire? That's what Rob Lowe's people tell him

-- Chuck Schilken

Photo: Peyton Manning. Credit: Sam Riche / MCT

Sam Farmer on Patriots trying to handle Giants pass rush [video]

Nearly every NFL team must try to keep its quarterback upright and in the pocket if it is to have success in the passing game, teams that feature rollout and scrambling types aside.

The New England Patriots, who face the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday, are no exception and, in fact, rely more on Tom Brady than other teams do their signal callers.

Times NFL writer Sam Farmer, who covered this subject in an article recently, discussed how New England must plan to handle the Giants' vaunted pass rush with Cinesport's Noah Coslov.

Some of the topics they talked about:

  • Deliver quick passes on underneath routes, particularly to Wes Welker.
  • Attack the middle of the field with tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.
  • Establish the running game to set up play-action passes.

All of which is easy to plan but difficult to execute as the Giants proved in Week 9 this season during their 24-20 victory over the Patriots in Foxborough, Mass.


Robert Kraft's success is tinged with heartache

In the NFL, it's (almost) all about the quarterback

Q&A: Troy Aikman sizes up the Super Bowl and more

--Dan Loumena

Tom Brady's 'party' line gets big play in New York

Tom Brady
New England's Tom Brady has been to the Super Bowl five times, so he knows how the game is played both on the field and with the media. Still, he has to be rolling his eyes at the first mini-dust-up of the week.

At a sendoff from Patriots fans in Foxborough on Sunday, the quarterback told the crowd: "I wish I could take all you guys to Indy with us. We're going down there, and we're going down there for one reason. We're going to give it our best and hopefully we have a lot more people at our party next weekend."

Pretty harmless stuff, and Brady later explained it as typical pep-rally talk. But everything gets bigger when pushed through the New York media machine, and that comment played in the tabloids Monday morning as if Brady was making a guarantee the Patriots would beat the Giants.

The New York Daily News had a headline reading, "Party of Jive," with "Hey, Giants, Brady already talking about victory bash."

Meanwhile, the New York Post had "Tom talks trash" on the front cover, and "Tom's taunt" on the back.

Welcome to Super Bowl week.


Robert Kraft's success is tinged with heartache

In the NFL, it's (almost) all about the quarterback

Q&A: Troy Aikman sizes up the Super Bowl and more

-- Sam Farmer in Indianapolis

Photo: Tom Brady waves to a friend as he leaves a news conference in Indianapolis on Sunday.Credit: Mark Humphrey / Associated Press

Super Bowl ticket prices are down, but they're still no bargain

Super Bowl ticket prices on the secondary market Monday morning showed a 13% drop-off from those from a year ago
Super Bowl ticket prices on the secondary market Monday morning showed a 13% drop-off from those from a year ago. So says TiqIQ, an event-ticket aggregator that tracks listings from StubHub, EBay, TicketNetwork and TicketsNow.

Awesome! Let's see what kind of bargains we can get for the showdown between the New England Patriots and New York Giants in Indianapolis on Feb. 5.

Wow! $120 on EBay?!?! I'll take it -- oh, hold on. That's just to park. Well, that's OK -- here's one for $818. Still not bad for the biggest game of the year. Darn it, no, that's for the Maxim Super Bowl tailgate party.

Let's keep scrolling down then for something that will get us into the game -- looks like the best price on EBay is $4,599.99. Hmmm ... let's forget about EBay. The bargains must be on the other sites.

Here's one on TicketsNow for $2,785 -- that's a significant improvement over EBay, but I'm sure we can do better. See, here we go -- $2,450 on StubHub and what appears to be the best price out there, $2,262.

Not quite the bargain I was hoping for, considering Super Bowl tickets have a face value of $800 to $1,200, according to TiqIQ.

I guess I'll be staying home for the big game again this year. Anyone who wants to watch it at my place, $100 will get you in the door -- and you can even park and tailgate for free (if you can find a spot on the street).

Now there's a bargain!


Patriots hang on to beat Ravens, 23-20

Giants jump in feet first to beat 49ers, reach Super Bowl

Eli Manning vs. Tom Brady: Who would you rather have? [Poll]

-- Chuck Schilken

Bloomberg News contributed to this report.

Eli Manning vs. Tom Brady: Who would you rather have? [Poll]


Eli Manning or Tom Brady? Which Super Bowl quarterback would you rather build a team around right now?

Eli Manning and Tom Brady are in the prime of their careers. They each have at least one Super Bowl ring, and in two weeks one of them will add another to his collection.

Which one of them would you rather build a team around right now?

When Brady starts for the New England Patriots in Indianapolis, he will be making his fifth Super Bowl appearance and looking for his fourth championship. He is 34 years old but shows no signs of slowing down -- his 5,235 passing yards this season are the second-most in NFL history. His 39 touchdown passes are the second-best in his 12-year career and his 105.6 passer rating is his third-best.

Overall, he has passed for 39,979 yards, 300 touchdowns and 115 interceptions. Those are impressive statistics, but they also might be seen as considerable mileage.

Manning is 31 years old and seeking his second Super Bowl win, after leading the New York Giants to victory over Brady and the Patriots in 2008. He passed for 4,933 yards -- by far the best of his eight NFL seasons -- to go with 29 touchdowns, 16 interceptions and a passer rating of 92.9 this year.

Overall, he has passed for 27,579 yards, 185 touchdowns and 99 interceptions. His numbers may not be as impressive as Brady's, but after what is being viewed as a breakthrough season, his best years may still be ahead of him.

You can't go wrong with either of the Super Bowl quarterbacks, but we're forcing you to choose one of them. Vote in the poll, then leave a comment explaining why you voted the way you did.


Patriots hang on to beat Ravens, 23-20

Giants jump in feet first to beat 49ers, reach Super Bowl

Eli Manning won't stay down against San Francisco 49ers

-- Chuck Schilken

Left photo: Eli Manning. Credit: Jamie Squire / Getty Images

Right photo: Tom Brady. Credit: Jim Rogash / Getty Images


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