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A social media gauge of Super Bowl ad winners

So, how did the ads resonate on social media from the super-expensive Super Bowl spots this year? At $35 million for a 30-second spot, and considering the enormous production costs of most of the ads, you have to figure advertisers were looking for some bang for the buck.

One firm, ymarketing, ran a study of social media responses to the ads sandwiched in between the New York Giants’ 21-17 victory over the New England Patriots and came up with a social media scorecard of brands being advertised.

Using social media tools including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, ymarketing's scoring system assigned football-related points based on how ads rated in terms of fans, followers, views, mentions, etc.

A few of the findings:

The No. 1 commercial in terms of YouTube viewership 48 hours after the game was … the VW Beetle ad, with 8,054,777 views.  

The No. 1 ad in terms of social reach, measuring the growth among blogs, Twitter, news and other tools was ... the M&M's ad.

And the overall Social Brand Scoreboard winner was ... the Chevrolet ads.

Interestingly, as of Friday, one video that has gotten more than 11 million views on YouTube was OK Go's Needing/Getting sound sensation, which is worth a watch and listen.


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-- Mike James

CNN's Roland Martin to meet with GLAAD after tweets

RolandCNN commentator Roland Martin, who was suspended by the network Wednesday after tweeting homophobic remarks during the Super Bowl, has agreed to meet with GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

On Sunday Martin tweeted: "If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham's H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him!"

In another Tweet, he wrote: "Who the hell was that New England Patriot they just showed in a head to toe pink suit? Oh, he needs a visit from #teamwhipdatass."

After Martin's Tweets, GLAAD immediately responded by posting an online petition calling for his dismissal. On Monday, the advocacy group added a video to the petition of an African American man being brutally attacked while people shout anti-gay slurs at the victim.

“For some people, this is what ‘smacking the ish out of them’ can look like,” GLAAD said.

The petition had more than 7,500 signatures by Wednesday.

In a statement released Wednesday, CNN called Martin's tweets "regrettable and offensive" and said that he would "not be appearing on our air for the time being."

The network did not say how long Martin's suspension would last.

Martin, who claims that he was bullied as a child, later apologized for his words and said that he does not advocate violence against gays.  He then posted to his Twitter account that he would meet with GLAAD.

"I look forward to meeting with GLAAD in the near future and having a productive dialogue," Martin tweeted.

The group tweeted back, "We look forward to a productive dialogue and to working together as well."


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--Melissa Rohlin

Photo: Roland Martin. Credit: Haraz N. Ghanbari / Associated Press

Giants' Brandon Jacobs apologizes for demeaning Gisele Bundchen

New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs apologized Wednesday for telling Gisele Bundchen "to be cute and shut up."

"Given the fact that it's a colleague of mine's wife, I do apologize for saying that, because I shouldn't have said that," Jacobs said of Tom Brady's spouse in an interview on "The Doug Gottlieb Show."

"It's his wife and I should respect that just as much as anyone else."

Jacobs made the demeaning comment about Bundchen following her behavior after the Patriots' Super Bowl loss to the Giants.

While being heckled by a fan, the supermodel defended her husband by putting down his teammates.

"You have to catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball," she said. "My husband cannot ... throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times."

Apparently, Bundchen's outspokenness struck a nerve with Jacobs.

However, while Jacobs apologized for telling Bundchen to hush up, he refused to express any remorse about calling her cute, saying that Brady should "take that as a compliment."

"If he finds something wrong with that, then that's his problem."


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-- Melissa Rohlin

Photo: Brandon Jacobs. Credit: Jeff Zelevansky / Getty Images.

Ricky Williams to walk the earth like Caine in 'Kung Fu?'

Samuel Jackson, Ricky Williams, David Carradine
Ricky Williams has been sounding a lot like Jules Winnfield lately.

You know, Samuel L. Jackson's character in "Pulp Fiction" who makes a sudden decision to leave the criminal life. Jules' plan? To "walk the Earth ... like Caine in 'Kung Fu.'"

When asked to expand on his plans, Jules says he simply wants to "walk from place to place, meet people, get in adventures."

Williams has been making similar comments ever since his surprise announcement Tuesday that he's retiring from the NFL. The onetime leading rusher in the league has been talking about traveling the world, learning as much as he can and "doing the things I want to do."

And he's been saying things like:

I've learned if you plan everything, it becomes a limitation. You want to have priority. But I don't believe in goals or purposes. As you start to move in a certain direction there's infinite possibilities. You can expand in any direction you want.

Williams is aware that many people don't understand what he's doing.

"I ... noticed that everyone I told it to, it brought up a lot of issues for that person.... Everyone has the Super Bowl of their life. They couldn't imagine I see a Super Bowl better than the real Super Bowl. Some people said, 'Don't' you want to go back and win the Super Bowl and get to the Hall of Fame?' They kept projecting their ideas on my life.

But while his comments come across as pretty odd to a lot of us, Williams doesn't sound like someone who plans on becoming a "bum," which is what John Travolta's character accuses his partner of doing in "Pulp Fiction."

On the contrary, it sounds like Williams has big plans ... he just doesn't know exactly what they are yet. And that's by design.

"I don't want to limit myself," he said.

Although, he added, "a Nobel Peace Prize would be cool.''


Ricky Williams says Bill Parcells text convinced him to retire

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-- Chuck Schilken

Photos, from left: Samuel L. Jackson in "Pulp Fiction" (Credit: Linda R. Chen); Ricky Williams (Phelan M. Ebenhack / Associated Press); David Carradine in "Kung Fu" (Associated Press).

USC football: Receivers lobby for Keary Colbert as receivers coach

Keary Colbert

USC’s receivers aren’t wasting time lobbying for a receivers coach, tweeting their preference for the return of Keary Colbert.

Coach Lane Kiffin has three openings on his staff, one for a receivers coach because of Ted Gilmore's departure to the Oakland Raiders.

"RT if you want @kearycolbert to become our new receiver coach,” tweeted All-American Robert Woods.

Colbert, who starred for the Trojans in 2000-03, played in the NFL for five seasons before returning to USC as a graduate assistant in 2010. Colbert, however, still felt he had more football in him and made a comeback, catching nine passes in seven games for the Kansas City Chiefs last season.

Colbert, 29, is currently a free agent.

Reached by phone Wednesday, Colbert said he had not been contacted by Kiffin. Asked whether he would be interested in the job, he said, “I don’t want to say one way or the other. I have a love and passion for SC and a history as a player and as a coach. I’m definitely tied into everything that happens within it.”

Colbert said it was “completely humbling” to have players request his return, but added, “It’s kind of foolish to think a job is going to be presented. I don’t want to speculate or assume anything.

“It’s an attractive place to be because of my history there but there are a lot of other factors.... I’m not going to try and project the future. It’s Coach Kiffin’s program.”


A look at USC's recruiting class [Video]

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-- Gary Klein

 Photo: Keary Colbert with USC in 2002. Credit: Los Angeles Times

Brandon Jacobs to Gisele Bundchen: 'Shut up'


New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, who apparently has time-traveled to this era from a less-enlightened time, knows a woman's place. And he's not afraid to tell supermodel Gisele Bundchen about it.

Bundchen defended her husband, New England quarterback Tom Brady, after Sunday's Super Bowl loss to the Giants, saying "You have to catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball. My husband cannot ... throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times."

Jacobs has the following advice for Bundchen.

"She just needs to continue to be cute and shut up," Jacobs told reporters at the Giants championship parade in Manhattan on Tuesday. I'm guessing he then belched, hiked up his pants and watched a "Married with Children" rerun.

Shockingly, a check of Jacobs' bio online shows him to be married. We'd call his wife for comment, but that would be unfair, as all she really should be doing is be cute and shut up.

By the way, Jacobs had a huge 37 yards rushing during the Super Bowl. Some advice for Jacobs: Shut up and gain some yards.

A wife defending her husband. Wow, what is this world coming to. Next thing you know, someone will be inventing fire and we won't have to live in caves all the time.


Photos: Patriots vs. Giants

At Super Bowl, Patriots' act gets old

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-- Houston Mitchell

Photo: Brandon Jacobs holds the Vince Lombardi Trophy at a rally to celebrate the New York Giants' Super Bowl victory in East Rutherford, N.J. on Wednesday. No word on whether Jacobs was silently wishing for the women in attendance to shut up and stop cheering. Credit: Jeff Zelevansky / Getty Images


Eli Manning or Kurt Warner: Who is more worthy of Hall of Fame?

Eli Manning, Kurt Warner

Eli Manning is probably getting tired of being compared to other quarterbacks (his brother, Tom Brady, other multiple Super Bowl winners, etc.) by now, but he can thank Kurt Warner for this one.

Or maybe he won't want to thank Warner -- not after hearing what his former New York Giants teammate had to say when asked during a radio interview if Manning should be considered a Hall of Fame quarterback now that he's won two Super Bowls.

"I fully disagree with that," said Warner, who went on to call the two-time Super Bowl MVP "extremely inconsistent."

Warner, who shared playing time with Manning in 2004, pointed out that some of Manning's career stats to this point aren't that impressive -- an 82 quarterback rating, 58% completion percentage and 16 or more interceptions in five of his eight NFL seasons.

"To me, those aren't Hall of Fame numbers, and by that I mean every time you step on the field you're a game changer, you're a difference maker," Warner said. "And I don't believe Eli Manning has been that guy until this year. I think this year is the first time in his career when he’s become that guy."

Similar discussions took place about Warner when he retired after the 2009 season -- and they are sure to heat up again when he is eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2015. Warner played in three Super Bowls -- winning one and being named that game's MVP -- and holds the top three spots for most single-game passing yards in Super Bowl history. He was also the league MVP twice.

Warner finished with better numbers than Manning (who is far from finished) in the categories he mentioned -- quarterback rating (93.7), completion percentage (65.5%) and years with 16 or more interceptions (three, although he threw 14 twice). But there were some pretty rough years between his glory days with the St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals, so the words "extremely inconsistent" might apply to his career as well.

If you could put one of them in the Hall of Fame right now, who would it be -- Manning or Warner? Vote in the poll, then leave a comment explaining why you voted the way you did.


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-- Chuck Schilken

Photos, from left: Eli Manning hoists the Lombardi Trophy (Credit: Al Bello / Getty Images); Kurt Warner after winning the Super Bowl with the St. Louis Rams in 1999. (Roberto Schmidt / AFP)

Ricky Williams says Bill Parcells text convinced him to retire

 Ricky Williams really enjoyed playing football for the Baltimore Ravens this year. And he was really looking forward to coming back for the final year of his contract next year ... until he got a text from Bill Parcells that changed his mind.

Williams told Sid Rosenberg on WQAM in Miami about the text exchange with his former mentor with the Dolphins that led to his retirement, which he announced Tuesday.

"I was really excited to express to him how excited I was about football and about the way the season ended and how much I was looking forward to coming back, and his reply kind of shook me a little bit," Williams said of Parcells. "He said, well, that's good to hear, he said, you know, don't chase this thing too long. You can contribute in other ways."

When asked why Parcells would say that, Williams referred to a conversation the two of them had years ago about players knowing when it's time to leave the game. The often-enigmatic football player who led the league in rushing with the Dolphins in 2002 said he thought back to that discussion after receiving the text from Parcells.

"I allowed myself to think if I could be doing anything in the world, what would I be doing?" Williams said. "And what came to mind is I'd be travelling a little bit, I'd be going to classes and I'd be going back to school.

"So I weighed what is it going to feel like to be on a football field next year and what is it going to feel like doing the things I want to do , and it just felt lighter, more expansive to be doing the things I want to do."

Last season Williams rushed for 444 yards and two touchdowns as a backup to Ray Rice and became the 26th player in NFL history to reach 10,000 yards rushing in a career that started with the New Orleans Saints in 1999. At the end of the season Williams expressed excitement about another year with a Ravens team that made it to the AFC Championship, but in the end it wasn't enough to convince him to continue his career.

"I would've had more of a role in the offense. I would have put up bigger numbers and I'm convinced we would've gone to the Super Bowl and we would have won the Super Bowl," Williams said. "And I don't know if people will understand it, but me being able to see that, to feel that, to perceive it, to know it -- it made it that I really didn't have to go out there and prove anything."

Rosenberg asked Williams if the text from Parcells is the reason "you decided to do what you probably wanted to do anyway?"

Williams responded: "Yes, I think that's fair to say. Yes."


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-- Chuck Schilken

USC football: Receivers coach Ted Gilmore to join Oakland Raiders

Ted3USC receivers coach Ted Gilmore is leaving the Trojans to join the Oakland Raiders staff, a person close to the USC program confirmed.

Gilmore's departure, reported by, leaves Trojans Coach Lane Kiffin with three vacancies on a staff that will oversee a team expected to contend for the Bowl Championship Series title.

USC was without a full-time defensive backs coach last season after Willie Mack Garza resigned on the eve of the opener. Linebackers coach Joe Barry agreed to terms with the San Diego Chargers last week and his hiring was announced Monday.

Gilmore replaced John Morton on USC's staff before last season. He oversaw a position group that included All-American Robert Woods and freshman All-American Marqise Lee.

Graduate assistant Sammy Knight handled the defensive backs last season, but Kiffin said last week that he was still searching for a full-time replacement.

Then came news of Barry's departure, and now of Gilmore.

USC is scheduled to open spring practice  March 6.

More later at


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Losing Joe Barry won't stop USC football, Hayes Pullard says

-- Gary Klein

Photo: USC receivers coach Ted Gilmore teaches a blocking technique to George Farmer during a team practice session in August. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

Losing Joe Barry won't stop USC football, Hayes Pullard says

Hayes3USC linebacker Hayes Pullard said Tuesday that the departure of linebackers coach Joe Barry to the San Diego Chargers would not adversely affect the Trojans.

Barry reportedly agreed to terms with the Chargers last week. His addition to the NFL team’s staff was officially announced Monday.

“It will be hard to fill coach Barry’s shoes,” Pullard said, “but I believe the coaching staff will bring in somebody that’s well-trained and will be a good fit for USC linebackers.”

USC Coach Lane Kiffin must replace Barry and is also searching for a defensive backs coach.

Pullard, who tied for the team lead with 81 tackles as a redshirt freshman last season, said Barry called players Friday night and told them that he needed to meet with them.

“He broke the news and we were kind of sad,” Pullard said. “Some of the older guys like me and Dion [Bailey], and some of the younger guys came here for him.”

Pullard said he had been “depending on coach Barry being a father figure on and off the field,” but respected his decision to return to the NFL, where he had coached for 10 years before joining USC’s staff before the 2010 season.

“He was just talking about his career goals—and you couldn’t be mad at that,” Pullard said. “We always want to have our career goals, to be better. He basically said, ‘It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later.’ So we kind of felt good about that.”


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-- Gary Klein

Photo: USC's Hayes Pullard. Credit: Christina House / For The Times

USC football: Seven former Trojans to attend NFL scouting combine

USC football: Seven former Trojans to attend NFL scouting combine

USC will be represented by seven former players at the annual NFL Scouting Combine Feb. 22-28 at Indianapolis.

The players are tight end Rhett Ellison, linebacker Chris Galippo, defensive tackle DaJohn Harris, offensive lineman Matt Kalil, defensive end Nick Perry, defensive tackle Christian Tupou and running back Marc Tyler.

Kalil has been projected as a possible top five pick in the April draft.

USC will hold its annual Pro Day workout on campus on March 7.

More later at


A look at USC's recruiting class [Video]

Trojans' recruiting class isn't reduced in quality

USC is No. 1 in ESPN early preseason college football poll

--Gary Klein

Photo: Matt Kalil blocks a field goal attempt by Utah. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times


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