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George Parros: My wedding and my mustache

I am told there have been a lot of questions coming in regarding my wedding, so I figured I would make this week’s blog more on a personal level. The wedding took place at the end of this summer in Paso Robles, which is north of Santa Barbara. It was a perfect weekend for a wine country wedding. The weather was ideal for our outdoor ceremony right on the edge of a vineyard. It was kind of funny for my wife and I to pick this locale because neither one of us is exactly a sommelier. When they asked us to order the wine for the reception from their extensive menu, we just told them to pick something for us ... needless to say, they were puzzled.

Tom_Selleck_list_view My wife and I made sure to put our own stamp on the weekend event. I decided to have a barbershop quartet perform before the ceremony. I have always loved that stuff -- maybe it’s from watching too much “Family Guy.” We decided on having a country band play at the reception, and for a surprise, Tiffany (my wife) hired cigar rollers for all our guests to enjoy. The following day, we went to a local water park because, wedding weekend or not, who doesn't love water slides? We had an incredible time, but I guess it wasn't your typical wedding. The funny part about the whole thing was that I got to spend my honeymoon at Anaheim ICE for training camp. I am going to assume that it ranks as one of the worst honeymoons all time!

Because this blog has a more personal tone to it, I figured I would spend some time on a subject very personal to me: the mustache. I have often been quoted on my mustache views and have obviously gained a strong foothold in the mustache community. Being that it is "Movember," when mustaches are grown worldwide all month long in the name of men's health awareness and to raise funds for prostate and testicular cancer, I think it is appropriate that I share some of my mustache inspiration with you. 

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George Parros: Dux in tux was a full evening

Well, I’ve heard this blog has been received well, so it’s good to know I'm not putting everyone to sleep out there. You have to understand this is still a learning process for me because I have a natural aversion to blogging.  I associate blogging with all of those critics and comments that appear underneath our fight videos and in the myriad of fan forums out there. Even though there are legions of Ducks fans and perhaps Parros fans out there, I know there are just as many bloggers who love to comment on our lack of skills and how badly we were beaten in a fight.

Often times, there are some funny comments but in my first year in the NHL, I took all the negative ones to heart and it became a necessity to develop tough skin, figuratively speaking in this case! Now I can appreciate this side of blogging.

George-parros I'd say the most interesting part of this week took place last night at the Anaheim Hilton where the team hosted Dux in Tux, which benefits the Anaheim Ducks Foundation. This event always ends up being a good time. We show up right in rush-hour traffic, which is especially tough for me coming from the South Bay. We then all cram into a two-person bathroom to paint on our rental tuxes that don't breathe too well … just ask Jiggy!  It’s all rather comical … think, ‘Slap Shot’ during the fashion show, and it usually just gives us an excuse to make fun of each other.

In the past, our only duty for the evening was to serve wine to our assigned tables and make sure everyone had a healthy glow about them. This year, however, proved to be far more entertaining because we were each assigned to a table with a sponsor restaurant and were asked to help prepare the food. Unfortunately for my teammates, I was assigned to the Morton's Steakhouse table and was able to stuff my face with Colorado lamb chops, New York strip, and bacon-wrapped scallops. It turned out to be the most fun I've had yet at a Dux in Tux. I was able to eat and prepare some amazing food and come home with a full stomach thanks to Morton's Chef Eric and host-with-the-most Nate.

 I had a high school friend from New Jersey in town this week so when we got home, I thought it would be a good idea to cap the night off with a cigar and some old stories. My buddy brought me some Gurkha cigars for a wedding present, so I was all excited to relax and light one up. We got outside and spent 10 minutes fighting the wind, could barley hear each other and had ashes everywhere...the evening had apparently come full circle from the tuxedo changing room. So much for beautiful SoCal weather!

-- George Parros

Ducks' George Parros: Slow start is a mystery


Ducks forward George Parros has a job that's rare among his fellow Princeton graduates: He's an NHL enforcer -- and he's immensely popular in Anaheim for his muscle as well as his impressive mustache and generous charity work.

Like most enforcers, he's soft-spoken and articulate off the ice. He's going to share some of his thoughts on the Ducks, his role and other issues as the season goes along.

Another week gone by early in this year’s campaign and sadly, I cannot talk about our recent winning streak at home because it does not exist. We have played two games at home since my last installment, neither one inching us closer to the top of the league standings.
I'm sure some of you are tuning in to figure out what has gone wrong this week, in which case you might be out of luck, for I have no answers. It seems like we were behind the eight ball too early and too often against St. Louis and Dallas. At least in the Dallas game, we played a solid third and gave ourselves a chance to tie the game. But all of us have agreed that it is not good enough. We are determined to right this ship and attitudes were better today in practice as we were a more determined bunch looking forward to Saturday’s game against Columbus.
Fabforum Speaking of Saturday's game, I am very excited about this particular match. This summer, Bobby Ryan and I made a significant voyage inland to Fort Irwin, just outside of Barstow. Fort Irwin is the National Training Center for the U.S. Army and is one of the few places where the military runs life-like war simulations. They use Hollywood special effects and hire and Iraqi and Afghani expatriates who bring a recreational town in the desert to life, in an attempt to prepare our troops for service in the Middle East. It was an incredibly eye-opening experience to go through the village and watch the simulations, explosions and all that goes into the military training.
My cousin recently accepted a new assignment and is stationed at this same base. It was a crazy coincidence to find this out. So for this Saturday's game, my cousin and one of his buddies on base are coming down to our game to see what OUR life is like in the military zone we call Honda Center. Hopefully we can make it a more hostile environment for visitors, we certainly owe that much to our fans. See you all Saturday Night.

-- George Parros

Photos: George Parros and Bobby Ryan of the Ducks during their visit to Fort Irwin. Credit: Courtesy of the Ducks.

Ducks' George Parros: Season starting slowly, fight-wise

Ducks forward George Parros has a job that's rare among his fellow Princeton graduates: He's an NHL enforcer -- and he's immensely popular in Anaheim for his muscle as well as his impressive mustache and generous charity work.

Like most enforcers, he's soft-spoken and articulate off the ice. He's going to share some of his thoughts on the Ducks, his role and other issues as the season goes along.

Feeling pretty good today, because we just got our first win at home. And also because training camp has come to an end, always a good thing to be done with camp and the long hours at the rink.

Fabforum  I guess the whole idea of this blog would be to provide an inside perspective of the life of an Anaheim Duck or perhaps just a hockey player in general, so I will start out by confirming that training camp is a total grind. I guess that is the whole idea, though. Since the games don’t count (especially being a fighter), there is no point in risking an injury during a fight when there are no regular-season points on the line. Listen to me,  though, jaded already after a whopping four seasons in the NHL... Training camp is also a proving ground which can change a guy’s career, especially a fighter’s.

 While we are on the subject of fighting (shocking that it would be discussed on my blog!), I had a pretty bad start to my season, fighting-wise. I’m coming off of a hand injury from last year so I have been a bit tentative, which is probably the worst thing that anyone could be in a fight. If you need evidence of this, I would invite you to watch my first fight this year against John Scott of the Minnesota Wild. He caught me with a pure right that sent me to the ice, probably one of the cleanest punches I have eaten in my career. (Note: You can watch the video of the fight below).

Admittedly, I had no business fighting him with a three-goal lead in the third period on the road, but I did anyway and sparked a Wild comeback. So if there ever are any doubters out there who think that a fight can’t change momentum in a game and that it is just some excuse we use to justify our roles, simply watch this game.

Just in our last game at home versus Minnesota, John asked me to fight him again after we were up by two goals and I burst out laughing and said, “Are you kidding me? Do you know how much heat I caught for fighting with the lead last game?” I told him if they came back and had momentum on their side, then we could have another chat.

Sometimes that’s the way it goes out there. Other times all it takes is a look and the gloves start flying. It’s definitely a difficult job, though I wouldn’t say the toughest job in hockey, like some people do. In my opinion, scoring 40 or 50 goals a season seems a bit harder. Some days the job gets really easy, just like today.

Randy [Carlyle, the Ducks' coach], gave us a day off, which was great. We had a long road trip and a couple of days in between games, so I guess it made sense to let the guys rest a bit. I was able to squeeze in a round of golf with Bobby Ryan and Mike Brown. The best part of the day, however, was when Bobby lost a game we played while waiting on the tee box.

We have a team signing tonight and Browny and I get to autograph Bobby’s arm with a Sharpie the whole evening. The best part about the bet is that I am sure every one of the fans will be asking Bobby why the signatures are on his arm, and he’ll have to answer the same question for three hours straight. I think one of my favorite things to do is invent stupid stakes for proposition bets.

I’ll post a couple of others as the season goes on, but if you have any good ones send them my way. I’d love to incorporate them into my next wager.

-- George Parros

Photo: The Ducks' George Parros, right, and Douglas Murray of the San Jose Sharks battle it out during last season's playoffs. Credit: Christine Cotter / Los Angeles Times


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