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George Parros: Trade deadline brings some new faces to the Ducks

Lubomir This serves as my first entry since the trade deadline and we now have a few new faces in the locker room. The trade deadline, in the post-lockout era anyway, has become quite a hectic time of year for us players (and general managers, too, I would imagine). Because of the salary cap, there is more parity in the league and therefore plenty of teams looking to add that one last piece of the puzzle to help during the playoff push. It serves as kind of a nerve-racking day because almost anybody could be traded before that 3 p.m. Eastern deadline.

Even though to fans it may seem as simple as a change in uniform, things become quite chaotic if you find yourself on the transaction sheet. Usually, when you get traded at the deadline, your services are needed right away. So you are flown into your new city, having left behind a mountain of loose ends. It can be a very life-changing day.

In our case, we added a couple of really solid defensemen in Lubomir Visnovsky and Aaron Ward, and also welcomed goaltender and target extraordinaire Curtis McElhinney. Aaron has quite the NHL pedigree with three Stanley Cup rings to his name, lots of experience and has already proven to be a positive force in the locker room. Lubomir, or "Lubo" as we call him, brings one of the heaviest shots from the blue line that the NHL has to offer. I know the fans will enjoy watching this guy play. He has already scored two big goals for us.

It's kind of funny how things work out, too, because Lubo was the first roommate that I had in L.A. when I played for the Kings. As for Curtis, he seems to have good angles, tons of energy and definitely has one of the best first names on the team.

Despite the personnel changes, we have come out flat from the Olympic break, dropping four straight games. We have now put ourselves in a very desperate situation with little room for error. However, if there is any team in the West that can find a way to win, it would be us. We've got the talent and the ability to pull it off, so stick with us and come along for the ride!

Today, before hitting the ice for practice, we had a meeting during which Randy reminded us to take this huge task at hand, break it down to its simplest form and win one game at a time. We were in a similar situation last year and were able to grab a playoff spot. So let’s hope history can repeat itself!

-- George Parros

The Times is pleased to have Ducks enforcer George Parros blogging for us on the ups and downs of the NHL season.

Photo: Ducks defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky. Credit: Victor Decolongon / Getty Images

George Parros: Deegan, Big Buck Hunter and me

I decided to come out of hibernation and get back on the blog train! Maybe some of it has to do with me being bored on my white couch, which actually just got a nice coat of pool chalk on it courtesy of my little nephew, Deegan. He is hilarious. We had my sister and her family over for dinner and he is absolutely mesmerized by our Big Buck Hunter arcade game. I think Tiffany (my wife) and I cemented our house as the coolest place on Earth in his mind.

Fabforum In my mind, the coolest place on Earth is Maui, which is where my wife and I went to for Olympic break. We hopped all around the island and enjoyed the nice weather. I'd have to say my favorite part of the trip was trying to surf and paddleboard. The water was a perfect temperature, but the wind made it difficult to stay on the paddleboard. It was an incredible workout though, one that I prefer to an exercise bike any day. We also got to spend some time with some former teammates and friends from around the league who were also vacationing there.
Hawaii was fun, but it has been back to reality this week as we prepare to hit the ice once again. It will be a painful process finding my hands once again out there. They are always the first thing to go. I guess that shouldn't surprise anybody.

The good thing about this week is the fact that we can all watch some incredible Olympic hockey. The game on Sunday between the US and Canada was some of the most exciting hockey I have seen. It’s an opinion confirmed to me over and over again by lots of casual hockey fans out there. I think that game really helped to promote the sport.

It has been fun watching my teammates battle it out on the international stage, but I will say that I have to root for the U.S. For those of you taking time from the Olympic coverage to check this out, thanks for your minute and we'll chat when we get back to work at the NHL.

-- George Parros

The Times is pleased to have Ducks enforcer George Parros blogging for us on the ups and downs of the NHL season.

Photo: Welcome to Maui. Credit: The Kaanapali Beach Hotel on Maui.

George Parros: A pirate's life for me

The beastly road trip is over. It is 2:45 a.m. Eastern Time and the plane is growing more and more quiet. It’s a five-and-a-half hour journey back to California. We’ll most likely find our beds about 3 a.m., give or take, and then it’s off to practice in the afternoon because there is no rest for the weary. We have back-to-back games coming up at home this week so we need to shake off the plane legs and get to the rink to prepare for Detroit and L.A. These games are too important.

Fabforum All in all it was a good road trip though. The team had a few chances to further gel together. In Atlanta, we all watched the football games together and had a team meal at a local restaurant. Tampa Bay was also enjoyable. We got a big win on the ice against Jeff Halpern (a fellow Princeton Tiger) and company. Our game versus the Lightning really took a backseat that weekend to something else that was going on in Tampa: Gasparilla. People of all ages dressed head-to-toe in pirate gear overran our hotel lobby. There were groups of men donning Teddy Roosevelt Rough Rider costumes and droves of women dressed as wenches and swashbucklers. It was all part of the Gasparilla celebration which is annually capped off by throwing the mayor of Tampa Bay into the water from the deck of a modern-day pirate ship. Needless to say, there was plenty of good people-watching and entertainment provided by the event.

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George Parros: Ducks hit some turbulence

The hairs on the back of my neck are standing at attention, which can mean only one thing … it’s blogging time once again! I was so excited that I couldn't even nap on the plane today … but maybe it was also due to the nonstop turbulence that we had all the way to San Jose. Not only has the recent weather slowed down my commutes from L.A. to Orange County (why is it that nobody can drive in rain out here?), but now it is affecting our flights.

It’s a good thing that Teemu didn't join us for this first leg of our two week, six-game road trip because he does not handle turbulence very well. There is no way we could have completed a card game because he constantly has to leave his seat for one at the front of the plane. The new resident "bad flier" of the group was our equipment manager, Doug Shearer. He was in such rough shape. He pulled the old "parakeet maneuver" and draped a blanket completely over his head. I can't say that I have ever seen that one before.

Fabforum Despite the rough ride up to NorCal, we arrived safely and hope to kick off this monster road trip in the finest of fashion, with a win at HP Pavilion. This is always a tough environment to play in. The building is loud and the Sharks always play well to their home crowd. Your Ducks have been playing well lately, however and I would expect that to be the case tomorrow night.

Personally it has been a trying few weeks for me. That is usually the case when one finds himself on the IR. It’s not anywhere you want be during the course of a season. I am hoping those days are coming to an end though and am looking forward to joining my fellow brothers in battle.

In my absence there has been no shortage of fisticuffs, though, with many different guys shedding their gloves for a five-minute vacation in the box. But these tough guys (Troy Bodie, Mike Brown and others) have been setting a new trend as well … scoring! They have all been banging pucks in. Bodes just had a big game-winner for the boys the other night against Buffalo. It has really helped our squad to get scoring from all four lines and the back end as well. Hopefully that will continue to be the case in the coming weeks.

We have a big playoff push here and every point counts, so follow along and hopefully watch us claw our way into contention. I'll be blogging from the road next week as well, so stay tuned out there in cyberland.

Over and out,

The Times is pleased to have George Parros, the Ducks' enforcer, writing for us this season with his thoughts on the ups and downs of life in the NHL.

Photo: George Parros doing what he does best, this time against Douglas Murray of San Jose during a game last season. Credit: Los Angeles Times.

George Parros: Nick Boynton deserves a belt

Well, it’s a new year, but it’s the same season and times are tough once again. We did a good job of clawing back to .500 but have been falling by the wayside the last few games. My linemates have been playing well recently, though. I like seeing guys such as Mike Brown and Petteri Nokelainen chip in a few goals in 2010.

Belt This New Year’s celebration was the first time I can remember not watching or hearing a broadcast of the ball dropping in Times Square. I have certainly been on the road a few times while the countdown has taken place but have never been on an airplane during the event. After our game in Dallas, we flew right into Nashville and didn’t land until after midnight. 

I haven’t played in the last few games, which has been tough. It is never a fun position to be in -- watching the games from the locker room. Fortunately, there has been no lack of excitement as quite a few of your Ducks have been dropping the gloves. Troy Bodie had a spirited bout in Chicago to start the game, and Kyle Chipchura provided some excitement in Dallas by fighting Steve Ott.

But the real story as of late has been Nick Boynton. Not only did he force Ott into a second fight late in the Dallas game while sticking up for a teammate, but he took on one of the twin towers of the Minnesota Wild, Derek Boogaard. If anyone knows what it's like to line up next to a 6-foot7 or 6-foot8 (off skates) human punching machine, then you’ll appreciate the job that Boynts did against this man. It’s not easy folks, and Nick handled his own. He did so well, in fact, that I felt it necessary to leave something hanging for him in his locker after the game. I have included a picture of his finely crafted heavyweight boxing belt for your viewing pleasure.

-- George Parros

The Times is pleased to have George Parros, the Ducks' enforcer, writing for us this season with his thoughts on the ups and downs of life in the NHL.

Photo: Nick Boynton's handcrafted heavyweight boxing belt. Credit: Anaheim Ducks

George Parros: This is how the Ducks draw a crowd

Christmastime is nearing and your Ducks have finally started to show signs of life. I think we can all agree it is about time. It has been a challenging season so far and it is far too early for an overly confident demeanor, but we are starting to learn how to win. Even though it is December, our backs are against the wall and playoff spots are always on the line. It is nice to be back to .500 though, and we will have an opportunity to gain some points back due to our tight holiday schedule. I think that "must-win" feeling has been in the air the last couple games. Hopefully it’s infectious. 
Blogphoto We just landed in Colorado and I am about to head out to a real authentic Colorado chop house. I am trying to follow the footsteps of Adam Richmond, the host of the Travel Channel’s "Man vs. Food," and hit local eateries with unique menus. Oftentimes, he hits some really greasy spoon-type spots which don't really fit into the dietary needs of a professional athlete. But there are some cool eateries that I’ll be able to check out. Here in Colorado is the Buckhorn Exchange. It holds the state's very first liquor license and serves dishes ranging from rattlesnake to elk. I am very excited.
Blogphoto2 Sometimes on our long plane rides that go along with playing in the Western Conference, entertainment is at a premium. While on our last trip, Getzy, Perry and I grew tired of playing cards so I suggested we hold a drawing contest, having no idea what I was about to get into. What ensued were perhaps the funniest few minutes I have ever had on a trip. We first decided to all draw a walrus, then a horse…. Corey’s drawings were so amazing, I was in tears. We drew quite a crowd with everyone howling over his creations. Even the flight attendants joined in because they couldn’t wait to see what he would envision next. These drawings are so life-changing that I felt I had to share them with the masses. I may even put them on a shirt in the next line of ‘Stache Gear. So please enjoy these as much as we did and check out for the newest in drawing contest fashion!

-- George Parros

George Parros is the Ducks' enforcer. The Times is pleased to have him blogging for us this season.

Top photo: We think that's supposed to be a walrus. Bottom photo: A horse? Credit: Anaheim Ducks.

George Parros: Cuts for the Kids charity event was a cut above

Hello once again, blog faithful!

Fabforum This evening finds me in good spirits as I plunk down onto my sofa and scribe this week's entry because I just returned from my annual Cuts for the Kids charity event. It was another awesome turnout this year, and the venue, unlike last year's, was indoors, so it wasn't as cold and windy. We held it at The RINKS --  Huntington Beach Inline, and it proved to be a great setting for the massive hair chopping that took place. Thanks to Sport Clips, we were able to lower the ears of 50 willing hair donors and raise some funds for a great charity in CLF (Childhood Leukemia Foundation). It seems like this event grows exponentially every year, so a big thank you goes out to all the fans who have participated and to the Ducks staff for running a smooth operation every year.
Cut for the Kids is definitely one event every year that I look forward to. It is a great way to meet some of our fans, and it provides them a way to help out a great cause. It reminds us all that you don't have to be a celebrity or professional athlete to help out those less fortunate. In fact, I think the best part of this event are the young kids who grow their hair out for a year or more with the sole intention of helping out other kids their age. I think that is so cool, and this year we had many kids who did that very thing.

Participating this year was Logan Niedermayer, Scotty's oldest son. He had his hair cut in the chair next to mine and was a great sport. His story was actually quite funny because he liked his hair long, and his old man wanted it cut before school started this fall. He discovered that he could get another couple months with the long 'do if he waited to cut it with me, and even though Scott was not thrilled, they made a deal. I love the fact that Scott was a bit rattled about his son's hair. Because of my event, we have had some jokes this year about it. Our captain was a good sport about everything, though, and even stuck around to sign some autographs with me.

There were lots of cameras and news coverage at the event as well. In fact, the Ducks even whipped out the heavy artillery and got Kent "Mr. Show" French involved. I told him that you know your event has really made it when he shows up to emcee. The interviewers were asking M.J. (my hairstylist) if she was at all nervous about doing my hair while everyone was watching, but I assured her that the only thing she had to be nervous about was the approval of my wife. If she wasn't happy with the 'do, then we would have some problems because Tiffany (my wife) knows I only get the one cut a year -- so it had better be a good one! 

Not surprisingly, it turned out great. We all love it, although it is a bit shorter than last year's. So if we have to hold the event after January next year, don't be surprised. It's like I always say, as long as my hair keeps growing back, I'll be happy!

Thanks again to everyone involved. … Catch you next week.

--George Parros

Photo: George Parros with Logan Niedermayer. Credit: Anaheim Ducks.

The kindest cut: Ducks' George Parros to donate his hair for charity


Ducks right wing George Parros is about to get his long hair shorn -- for a good cause.

For the third straight season Parros will donate his hair to the Childhood Leukemia Foundation, which helps provide wigs to kids who lose their hair during cancer treatment. This year's event will take place Monday at The Rinks-Huntington Beach, 5555 McFadden Ave., from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. 

Parros will be joined by 50 Ducks fans ages 6 and up who were invited to donate their hair. Sport Clips donated the services of 15 professional stylists to cut participants' hair.

All hair donors will have an opportunity to meet Parros and get a gift to honor their donation. He will be available for pictures and autographs for a suggested $10 donation to the Anaheim Ducks Foundation, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Childhood Leukemia Foundation. Parros’ new apparel line, ‘Stache Gear, will be sold at the event and all proceeds will benefit CLF and Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids.

-- Helene Elliott

Photo: Ducks winger George Parros hams it up with participants at last year's haircutting event. Credit: Anaheim Ducks

George Parros blog: giving thanks and disarming 'armpit' jokes

(George Parros is a right wing for the Anaheim Ducks. The Times is pleased to have him blogging for us this season.)

Much has happened since my last installment, the most significant event would be Thanksgiving.

IMG_2816 Somehow, some way, since I started playing out on the West Coast my whole family has managed to relocate from their East Coast roots and find a spot in sunny California. I grew up for the most part in New Jersey. We bounced around a bit while I was younger but from about the third grade on, my family made our home in what some have called the "Armpit of America.” This very tasteful moniker, I am sure, has been given to New Jersey because the only part of the Garden State many people see is Newark International Airport and its lovely surroundings.

My memories of growing up there were quite different, though. We lived in typical suburbia, but were surrounded by plenty of trees, hills and lakes. On rare occasion around Thanksgiving time, we could even play some serious pond hockey…but usually that had to wait till around Christmas.

In any event, my family and I were able to get together and crush some serious food for the holiday because everyone now lives out here. My sister and her husband have two small kids that kept us entertained for the evening. My mother put on her usual spread. My brother-in-law is slowly making himself a useful part of the family with his introduction of the deep fried turkey. We also made some wings, sweet potato fries, and late into the night, managed four soggy wads of fried ice cream.

The only person missing was my brother, who over the last two years has made it a Thanksgiving tradition to play a solo round of golf and then cook himself a steak. He claims he shot his first hole-in-one, but was mysteriously solo at the if anyone in the Bay Area can confirm this feat, please write in. He is in desperate need of a witness!

11_27_09_Stash20Promo004 The other big event of the past week-or-so was the launching of my ‘Stache Gear line of clothing, although I hesitate to call it a clothing line.

I've had to do a lot of press interviews and what not for the different papers and internet sites and they are continually placing that label on it. Really it’s just a few cool T-shirt designs and some hats. Hardly a collection, but it’s fun stuff and looks pretty good. Everyone seemed to respond well to the apparel, though. We sold through much of the inventory that I had and were able to raise some money for charity at the same time, so I would call it a great success already

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who bought some ‘Stache Gear. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do (my favorite are the hats, I wear them non-stop). If you haven’t bought some yet, stop into the Ducks Team Store. Christmas is fast approaching and who doesn't love clothes covered in mustaches?

George Parros

Top photo: George Parros serving at “We Give Thanks” at the Honda Center. Bottom photo: George Parros at ‘Stache Gear launch. Credit: Ducks.

George Parros blog: the thrill of victory, and lessons learned in the Ivy League...

Ahhhh sweet victory! I come to the blog-reader faithful with tales from the victor's locker room. I can't describe how nice it was to break our losing streak against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday night at Honda Center. Maybe that is why I chose to blog later in the week because I could feel the win coming.

George-parros Honestly, it had to happen at some point. We have so much talent on our team and we all knew we were underachieving. A popular phrase that we have around the locker room is, "Don't get too high with the highs and too low with the lows." With that in mind, we were not a rambunctious group after the game but definitely a relieved one, already focusing on our next game and hoping to repeat the night's events and get some momentum going in the right direction.

Aside from winning, the game versus the Lightning was a fun one for me and some of the other guys as well.  Personally, it was fun to play against a friend of mine and fellow Princeton alumni, Jeff Halpern. There are not too many of us that make it to this level beyond the Hobey Baker Arena so it is always fun to play against a former Tiger, even though that punk scored against us and made the game a bit more interesting than we would have liked. I had a few choice words for Jeff out there and in turn he was yelling at me for cycling the puck past him while in the offensive zone.

 This game was also a special one for my linemate, MacGregor Sharp, as it was his first NHL game. There are few better feelings than playing in your first NHL contest and I was really excited for him and enjoyed being his linemate for that experience. Unfortunately for Sharpy, he lost the linemate lottery and played on my line, which tends to reduce a player's chances of recording a point. I think he will be around for a bit so we are going to work on that, though.

 It was also a big night for Evgeny Artyukhin, who was playing against his old team for the first time, which usually proves to be a weird experience. It's tough to play against all of your old friends and former teammates, but trust me -- it is a sweet moment when you can score against them and shove it in their face. Usually there are many reminders in the room before the game about how "they didn't want you" and jabs along those lines.  It makes for fun banter and hopefully lights a fire under that player. With Arty it was no exception: He made some great plays and had a huge hit.

I imagine this posting will come out right before or possibly after our game against San Jose. I can only hope that we build on our most recent success and put on a good show for the Honda Center crowd. I guess you'll have to check in next week to see if I ate humble pie or can claim Nostradamus status.

-- George Parros

George Parros: Ducks hit the road and hope the road won't hit back

Parros_240 Welcome back, everybody and welcome to my first blog from the NHL warpath. Yes, we finally hit the open road for a four-game swing and a tour of the East Coast and Midwest. Hopefully the road will breathe some life back into our club and allow us to gain back some much needed ground in the conference standings. 

After a few more games at home, we got the chance to let off some steam last Sunday. The team got together and had our yearly Halloween party. Even though the holiday had come and gone, it is still hilarious to dress up and head out for the night in ridiculous get-ups.

Halloween is my favorite time of year, so I was very excited for the event. We had an unbelievable '80s pop cover band play and everyone wore some amazing costumes ... everyone except Getzy [Ryan Getzlaf] and Mike Brown, who managed to rent the same Fred Flintstone outfit! The night was a blast and afterward we geared up for our big road trip.

Sometimes the road has that healing power that a club needs. It can give a new group of guys the chance to bond more since there is not much else to do besides practice and play. I have always loved playing on the road simply because we travel so well compared to the minor leagues and college hockey.

There are not too many crammed bus trips anymore, especially for us West Coast teams. Now we have the luxury of a private plane, where Getzy, Teemu Selanne, Corey Perry and I have a regular euchre game. It’s a far cry from eating Domino's pizza every night and sleeping on the shoulder of the guy next to you, or underneath the seats on a sticky, soda-covered bus floor.

Perry and I are teammates and so far this trip, we are up a few games on the Finnish Flash and his partner. Sometimes the guys sitting at the card table next to us will join in for a big game of Schnarples, but mostly they just sleep, listen to music or watch movies like everyone else on the plane.

This trip holds a lot of importance for me because I have lived in three of the four cities we will visit. I was born in Pittsburgh, lived for a couple years in Columbus, Ohio, and grew up mostly in New Jersey. It goes without saying that I am excited to play in these arenas I visited during my youth and I will have plenty of friends and family there to watch me play.

We also play in Detroit against the Red Wings, a game which often times in my career, I’ve been a healthy scratch because they (Red Wings) are generally very fast and haven't had a heavyweight fighter in some time. Anyway, I guess that's about it for this week ... oh yeah, thanks for dinner Scotty! What a guy!

--George Parros

Photo: Ducks' George Parros plays against the Kings on Jan. 24, 2008 at the Staples Center. Credit: Alex Gallardo / Los Angeles Times.



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