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Andre Berto-Victor Ortiz fight postponed, promoter says

World welterweight champion Andre Berto's Feb. 11 IBF title defense against Ventura's Victor Ortiz has been postponed, and an examination of Berto's left biceps injury will determine how long he'll be sidelined.

"It does not appear to be a seven-month injury, but the fight is absolutely off on that day [Feb. 11]," Berto promoter Lou DiBella said.

Berto (28-1), the International Boxing Federation champ, suffered the injury in training last Tuesday, according to reports, while sparring with Taureano Johnson.

The Berto-Ortiz bout, which was to be held in Las Vegas, is a rematch of their fight-of-the-year-candidate bout in April, when both men were knocked down and Ortiz (29-3-2) emerged with a victory by decision.

DiBella said a specialist will examine Berto today at an undisclosed location and will report back to promoters so they can decide whether to delay the rematch or allow Ortiz to select another opponent.

-- Lance Pugmire


Mike Tyson selected for WWE Hall of Fame

Bob Arum says no Mayweather-Pacquiao in the spring

Bill Dwyre: Muhammad Ali's legacy is both butterfly and bee

Photo: Andre Berto,  left, fights Carlos Quintana in 2010. Credit: Cristobal Herrera / Sun-Sentinel

Mike Tyson selected for WWE Hall of Fame

Mike Tyson

Legendary boxer and ear nibbler Mike Tyson has finally found his niche in life: He is the newest member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

The WWE announced the selection of Tyson on their "Monday Night Raw" television show Monday night. He will join the Four Horsemen and Edge at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Miami on March 31, the night before Wrestlemania XXVIII.

Tyson was a key part of what may be the most important WrestleMania in history, WrestleMania XIV in 1998, when he was the special enforcer in a match featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels. It was this match, which ended when Tyson turned on Michaels and counted the 1-2-3 for Austin's victory, that helped launch the WWE into the Stone Cold era, with unprecedented profits as the company rode the coattails of Austin (and The Rock) to their biggest success yet.

Unlike previous celebrity entrants into the WWE Hall of Fame, such as Drew Carey, Pete Rose and Bob Uecker, there should be no complaint as to whether Tyson belongs or not. He is a worthy addition.


Bob Arum says no Mayweather-Pacquiao in the spring

Bill Dwyre: Muhammad Ali's legacy is both butterfly and bee

2012 Olympics Road to London: Boxer Mikaela Mayer focuses on gold

-- Houston Mitchell

 Photo: Mike Tyson. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

Bob Arum: Mayweather 'isn't in the picture' for Pacquiao in spring

Boxing promoter Bob Arum Monday said Floyd Mayweather "isn't in the picture" to fight Arum's boxer Manny Pacquiao in May.

"They don't want to fight in late May," Arum said of the Mayweather camp. "It's dead for May, so we should sit down with everybody, let Mayweather fight someone else May 5 and we'll fight someone else June 9, and then let's get a signed contract for [Mayweather-Pacquiao] in November. That's a win-win for everybody."

Arum additionally narrowed the pool of potential June 9 opponents for Pacquiao to world super-welterweight champion Miguel Cotto and World Boxing Council junior-welterweight champion Timothy Bradley of Cathedral City by announcing he's finalizing another bout.   

Arum says he has struck a preliminary deal to stage a junior-welterweight title fight between Juan Manuel Marquez and champion Lamont Peterson later this year at Cowboys Stadium outside Dallas. The date will either be in May or July, Arum said.

"I just got off the phone with [Peterson manager] Barry Hunter," Arum said, assuring that Peterson will not participate in a discussed May 19 rematch at Staples Center against England's Amir Khan, whom Peterson defeated by a controversial decision in December.

"So if you eliminate those two [potential Pacquiao opponents] and Mayweather isn't in the picture, you can do that math," Arum said.

The promoter said he'd like to announce Pacquiao's next opponent by Feb. 7 and have the fighters start a national publicity tour after Feb. 18.

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Pacquiao promoter: 50-50 split with Mayweather a must


An email to an ESPN anchor believed to be sent by Floyd Mayweather Jr. clarified a Wednesday night telephone conversation between Mayweather and his possible opponent Manny Pacquiao, with the emailer maintaining that Pacquiao's hopes for a 50-50 split in a super-fight "can't happen."

If that stance is true, Pacquiao's promoter, Bob Arum, said Friday that the fight can't happen.

Arum, contending that Pacquiao draws more pay-per-view fans, more fans to the arena and has a proven track record to bring more high-rollers to Las Vegas from international locales, said Pacquiao was "content" to split the pot equally, but in no way deserves to take less.

ESPN reported earlier Friday that Mayweather had emailed anchor Stan Verrett to expand upon what transpired in his phone conversation with Pacquiao. quoted the email as saying, "I called him and asked him about us fighting May 5 and giving the World what they want to see. I also let him know we both can make a lot of money. He asked about a 50/50 split and I told him no that can't happen, but what can happen is you can make more money fighting me then you have made in your career. I also let him know I'm in control on my side but he needs to get on the same page with his promoter so we can make this fight happen.

"I told him to tell his promoter that he only wants to fight Mayweather and that this fight will be the biggest fight in history. His [manager, Michael Koncz] came to my boxing gym a few months ago and we spoke about getting the defamation of character lawsuit dropped against me and about both fighters taking the random blood and urine test. I spoke to his manager again last night about the same thing. The call last night lasted 15 or 20 minutes. I mainly spoke to his manager, he got on and off the phone real quick."

Arum said if Mayweather's adamant on the position of requiring more than 50%, the promoter will likely announce next week a late-spring date for Pacquiao (likely June 9) against an opponent from a field that includes Miguel Cotto, Timothy Bradley, Juan Manuel Marquez or Lamont Peterson.

Pacquiao this week told Arum which of the four he'd like to fight if making the Mayweather bout again proves impossible. Arum, at this point, is declining to reveal the name of the alternate fighter.


Freddie Roach subject of new series

Andrew Bynum growing into a big thing for the Lakers

Frank McCourt might keep Dodger Stadium parking lots

--Lance Pugmire

Photo: Floyd Mayweather Jr. presents Stephanie Kirby, executive director of Susan G. Komen for the Cure of Southern Nevada, a ceremonial check for his donation of $100,000 on Wednesday at his gym in Las Vegas. Credit: Jeff Scheid / Associated Press

'On Freddie Roach' gives a glimpse of boxing trainer

Boxing trainer Freddie Roach is the subject of a new reality series from director Peter Berg ("Friday Night Lights") that will debut Friday on HBO; titled, "On Freddie Roach," it's a six-part series co-produced by HBO boxing commentator Jim Lampley.

The series delves not only into Roach's standing as the world's top boxing trainer, but into his struggle with boxing-related Parkinson's symptoms. Roach had 53 pro fights as a lightweight before retiring in 1986, though he ignored the advice of his legendary trainer, Eddie Futch, to retire and was pounded in his last six fights.

"It's hard to watch," Roach said of the series. "I truly let people into my life: good, bad, happy, lucky, sad. It's a bit overwhelming. I always wanted to be famous, but be careful what you wish for."

At a screening of Friday's premiere episode in New York, Roach said he was struck "that I shake so much," because of Parkinson's.

"I still don't think of it that much," he said. "I used to get mad when [people] would stare. I don't get mad anymore, because so many people have approached me and wanted to help, to recommend a doctor or get me one of those 'magic cures.'

"This will show how difficult [Parkinson's] is, but it still doesn't affect what I do. I'm still working … I wrap hands better than anyone, work the mitts. You can overcome anything with hard work and desire, and that's what I wanted to show."

You can watch a clip from the show in the video above.


Freddie Roach subject of new series

Andrew Bynum growing into a big thing for the Lakers

Frank McCourt might keep Dodger Stadium parking lots

--Lance Pugmire

Floyd Mayweather Jr. tweets 'I'm ready to fight Pacquiao 5/5/12'

Floyd Mayweather Jr. sent out three more tweets Tuesday making it clear that he doesn't want to hear about fighting Manny Pacquiao in late May or early June, or concern from Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum that Mayweather lacks a guarantee to encourage him to engage in the super-fight.

"I'm ready to fight Pacquiao 5/5/12. Bob Arum know the date can't change. I have my guarantee. Call Schaefer and Al and stop lying to the public," Mayweather wrote on Twitter Tuesday afternoon.

The post was in response to Arum repeating that a late May or early June fight date makes more sense so he can explore the construction of a 40,000-plus-seat venue on the Las Vegas Strip for the bout that would pit boxing's top two pound-for-pound fighters.

Mayweather, scheduled to begin a 90-day jail sentence June 1 for his involvement in a domestic violence episode, has tentatively booked MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas for May 5.

Arum has also said Mayweather lacks a financial guarantee to accept the bout, which Arum has said is hurting Mayweather's ability to commit to the bout.

Instead, Mayweather is claiming he has the guarantee and is urging his former promoter -- they had a bitter parting -- to contact other Arum adversaries Richard Schaefer, chairman of Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions, and Mayweather manager Al Haymon, to craft a deal.

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Pacquiao expected to finalize opponent choice this weekend

Manny.300It doesn't mean Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a go for late May, but Pacquiao is scheduled to decide this weekend whether he'll agree to terms for the long-awaited super-fight.

Boxing officials close to the situation but unauthorized to discuss the Filipino superstar's plans publicly told The Times on Tuesday that Pacquiao has said he'll retreat to a remote location, pray and determine his 2012 schedule.

One of the officials said there's a "good chance" he'll ask for Mayweather in late May, which would be significant because neither has officially said yes to the fight and terms such as a guaranteed share of the share, the weight classification or other details.

Mayweather, scheduled to appear in Las Vegas on Wednesday to donate $100,000 to the Susan G. Komen foundation fighting breast cancer, has posted Twitter messages calling out Pacquiao and urging him to "Step up punk." That doesn't rise to the level of agreeing to the type of general terms Pacquiao is closing in on.

"He wants Pacquiao, and there's still hope it can happen," promoter Oscar De La Hoya said of Mayweather.

De La Hoya's company, Golden Boy Promotions, has helped promote all of Mayweather's fights since Mayweather edged De La Hoya by split decision in 2007 in what was then the most lucrative bout of all time.

De La Hoya poured water on the contentions of Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum that Mayweather needs someone to step in and guarantee Mayweather a certain amount of money for the fight, and that it's best to work toward a late-May, early June date so a 40,000-plus-seat outdoor stadium can be constructed on the Las Vegas Strip.

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'Rumble in the Jungle' is Muhammad Ali at his greatest [Video]



Amid all the hoopla surrounding Muhammad Ali's 70th birthday Tuesday, you're probably going to be hearing a lot about the "Rumble in the Jungle."

If you haven't seen this incredible fight in its entirety -- or you just want to experience boxing at its finest one more time -- check it out above (it's split into four parts, from left to right).

PHOTOS: Rumble in the Jungle

Here's how Times columnist Bill Dwyre described the fight, and the relationship between the two men involved, in Tuesday's Times:

Next to the Frazier trilogy, Ali's most famous boxing moment was his fight with George Foreman in October 1974, in Zaire, the "Rumble in the Jungle." Foreman, a delightful storyteller who has escaped the usual result of being hit in the head a lot, loves to tell how he pounded Ali for seven rounds in Zaire. Then, tiring late in the seventh, he leaned on Ali, who whispered in his ear: "George, is that all you got?" To which Foreman responded to himself, "Yup, that's all I got."

In the next round, Ali knocked him out.

Foreman has deep affection for Ali and calls occasionally to check on his health. Foreman says that Ali can speak and be understood if you call in the morning, before fatigue sets in. On one recent call, Ali asked Foreman how many grandchildren he had. Foreman told him five.

"I got seven," Ali said. "Beat you again, George."

Seriously, take some time to relive boxing in its heyday -- it will be time well spent on the day "The Greatest" was born.


Photos: Muhammad Ali through the years

Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Jr. already fighting

2012 Olympics Road to London: Mikaela Mayer focuses on gold

-- Chuck Schilken

Mayweather to Pacquiao: 'Step up punk'

Floyd Mayweather Jr. announced on Twitter late Monday night that he "just won $400K on Alabama, the new National Champs." He awoke Tuesday and repeated his case for a bigger event: a super-fight against Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather has tentatively reserved May 5 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for a fight date. His attorney last week sought to postpone his scheduled Friday incarceration date for a 90-day jail term so Mayweather could keep the fight date.

That date, Mayweather said on Twitter, should be with Pacquiao.

"Manny Pacquiao, I'm calling you out let's fight May 5th and give the world what they want to see," Mayweather tweeted.

The world's top two boxers -- Mayweather is unbeaten in 42 pro fights, Pacquiao has dominated the sport for the last six years -- have tried and failed three previous times to stage a bout, with camps from both sides blaming the other for not truly wanting the bout.

Pacquiao looked very human in his close unanimous decision in November over rival Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico, and Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum said afterward that he would seek a fourth fight against Marquez in the late spring rather than a megafight against Mayweather, who was facing the uncertainty of a domestic violence case.

A Nevada judge sentenced Mayweather to 90 days behind bars, but then allowed him to delay his jail time until June 1.

"My jail sentence was pushed back because the date was locked in," Mayweather tweeted in calling out Pacquiao. "Step up punk."

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Bob Arum: Mayweather-Pacquiao fight will have to be late May


There've been no recent discussions to stage a blockbuster fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, according to Pacquiao's promoter, but a Nevada judge Friday allowed the unbeaten Mayweather to delay his scheduled 90-day jail sentence that was to begin this week so he can have what his advisor calls a "mega-fight."

"It seems to me to be bizarre, but who am I to say?" Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum said Friday after Clark County Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa ruled that Mayweather could delay serving his sentence for domestic violence misdemeanors until June 1.

Mayweather's attorney, Richard Wright, argued in court that Mayweather has reserved May 5 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas for a major fight.

Saragosa said in court: "Mr. Mayweather has an obligation to this court. Given the fact that Mr. Mayweather has these obligations, I am going to grant your request."

Following the judge's ruling, Mayweather advisor Leonard Ellerbe issued a statement: "We are pleased that the judge granted postponement of Floyd's surrender date so that he can fulfill his commitment to Las Vegas to deliver his promised mega-fight and the economic benefits it provides to the community."

Asked if there was any doubt that "mega-fight" means Manny Pacquiao, Ellerbe said, "We'll make an announcement about who we're going to fight next week. We just came out of the ... court hearing. Give us a chance to catch our breath."

Representatives for what most people believe to be the world's top two fighters have tried and failed three times to stage a fight over the last two years, with drug testing, old business rivalries and promotional disagreements sabotaging each attempt.

Arum is boarding a flight to the Philippines to meet with Pacquiao on Sunday to discuss the Filipino congressman's next bout.

Earlier this week, Arum said he wasn't planning on Mayweather being available for a late-spring bout, and was going to discuss possible fights against Timothy Bradley, Juan Manuel Marquez, Lamont Peterson or Miguel Cotto with Pacquiao.

Now the discussion has changed.

"May 5 is out for us, it can't happen, because we want to explore the idea of getting a [temporary] stadium/arena up on the streets of Las Vegas that can seat 40,000," Arum said. "The end of May is a possibility."

Arum said he's intent to explore the idea of the larger outdoor venue because "having the fight in a 40,000-seat arena rather than a 16,000-seat arena seems like a no-brainer."

Additionally, Arum said Pacquiao is still healing from a deep cut over one of his eyes that he sustained in the Marquez fight.

"I don't know that he's on schedule to start sparring until the beginning of April," Arum said. "That's one of the things we'll discuss. If it is early April, we'll have to have the fight in late May."

Asked if he was cynical about Mayweather's interest in truly wanting to fight Pacquiao, Arum said, "I have no idea."

Asked if Pacquiao wants Mayweather, Arum said, "Yeah."

If the fight every boxing fans wants to see can't materialize, Mayweather might opt to fight someone like Robert Guerrero, a top junior-welterweight contender from Gilroy.

"I know people want to see Pacquiao, but if that fight can't happen, I'm going to shock the world and beat Floyd Mayweather," Guerrero said.


UFC's Brock Lesnar keeps things interesting

Dana White -- 'the Baldfather' runs UFC his way

Did Floyd Mayweather Jr. bet $1 million against Tim Tebow?

--Lance Pugmire

Photo: Floyd Mayweather Jr. celebrates his fourth-round knockout of Victor Ortiz in their WBC welterweight title fight last September in Las Vegas. Credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Manny Pacquiao's promoter to visit boxer in Philippines on Sunday


As his ideal opponent, Floyd Mayweather Jr., prepares to start serving a maximum 90-day jail sentence Friday in Nevada, Manny Pacquiao will be visited by his veteran promoter, Bob Arum, on Sunday in the Philippines to chart their next career step.

Arum told The Times on Wednesday that he believes Pacquiao, coming off a disappointing unanimous decision victory over Juan Manuel Marquez in November, will want to fight in the late spring rather than wait for a summer date against Mayweather.

If that emerges as the plan during conversations in the Philippines, Arum said Pacquiao will likely choose from Marquez, unbeaten junior-welterweight champion Timothy Bradley of Cathedral City, new junior-welterweight champion Lamont Peterson or super-welterweight champion Miguel Cotto.

Peterson, whom Arum formerly promoted, is seen as the longshot.

Cotto lost to Pacquiao by 12th-round technical knockout in 2009, but looked strong in his Dec. 3 TKO of Antonio Margarito in New York.

Bradley may lack the name recognition to appeal to Pacquiao, but he and his manager express supreme confidence Bradley can build upon Marquez's impressive effort against the frustrated Pacquiao and beat him with sharp boxing and more energy than the 38-year-old Marquez displayed.

And there have been rumblings in the industry that Marquez is asking for too much money for a fourth fight that Arum promised to immediately explore after their November bout.

Arum said he does not believe Mayweather has a hold on the popular May 5 date at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, and Arum said that city is the bout's logical destination.

The unbeaten Mayweather last month accepted a plea deal that had felony domestic violence charges reduced to misdemeanors, sending him to Clark County (Nev.) jail Friday. A court official said that, with good behavior, Mayweather may be able to emerge from behind bars during the second week in March, not enough time to promote and train for a May bout.

Arum has said the bout, previously so fraught with problematic negotiating points, is still possible for later this year.

Officials close to Mayweather did not immediately return phone calls left by The Times on Wednesday.


Report: Floyd Mayweather Jr. accepts plea deal

Did Floyd Mayweather Jr. bet $1 million against Tim Tebow?

California commission calls Bernard Hopkins-Chad Dawson fight a no-contest

--Lance Pugmire

Photo: Bob Arum, left, Manny Pacquiao, center, Freddy Roach. Credit: Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press.


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