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Manny Pacquiao manager: Mayweather declined 'prize fight' deal

February 1, 2012 |  3:28 pm

FabforumFloyd Mayweather Jr. told a boxing news website Wednesday that he offered Manny Pacquiao a $40-million guarantee to accept the sport's most anticipated super-fight, also telling that "we didn't even talk about the back end."

That sparked a strong reaction Wednesday from Pacquiao manager Michael Koncz, who met privately with Mayweather in Las Vegas and engaged the fighter in telephone conversations before Mayweather officially turned to Miguel Cotto as his May 5 opponent in Las Vegas.

"I must break my silence to the media about our discussions, because both Floyd and I agreed not to discuss these dealings," Koncz said. "Since Floyd is unfairly chastising Manny, I can confirm he did offer Manny a $40-million guarantee, with $20 million up front.

"But when the back end [pay-per-view profits] wasbrought up, he said we didn't need to discuss the back end, that 'we can discuss it at a later time,' which I took as 'There is no back end.' "

Richard Schaefer, who has helped Mayweather promote all of his fights since 2007, dismissed Koncz's role as a key negotiator in the process, responding to Koncz's claims by saying, "Michael Koncz? Who ... cares? All those people trying to circumvent and short-cut me, this [Cotto deal] makes it clear we are a team with Floyd.

"It's time to realize we are with Floyd, and if [Pacquiao promoter] Bob Arum wants a fight, he knows now who he needs to deal with. Do you think Michael Koncz is going to [do anything] without the approval of Bob Arum?"

Mayweather confirmed he had a series of meetings with Koncz.

Koncz said he offered, with Pacquiao's approval, a 55-45 split of fight revenues, with the fight's winner gathering the larger percentage.

"Because it's a prize fight," Koncz said. "If you were the better fighter, you get the 10% bonus, $15 million to $25 million more than the other guy. That was my final offer, with a $50-million guarantee to each fighter. That was ... rejected."

Koncz said the offer included Pacquiao's acceptance of blood testing up to one day before the fight, and that striking the 55-45 deal would provoke Pacquiao to accept a May 5 fight date.

"For Floyd to say Manny never wanted this fight, or ducked it, is totally absurd," Koncz said. "Manny instructed me to meet with Floyd."

Koncz praised Mayweather for being "professional and pleasant" during their talks, adding, "He was very firm on the $40-million guarantee, but he did give me the courtesy of listening."

Does the door remain open for a possible November bout between the pair?

"We are always willing and able to discuss this fight," Koncz said. "We made headway. Manny and I are still opening the door to the fall. We have to see if Floyd will come to the table again. We're willing to talk. He has our numbers."

Koncz will now fly to Texas to meet with Arum and discuss Pacquiao's next fight, likely June 9 against Cathedral City's Timothy Bradley. Koncz said he wants to explore if "three guys are on the table," referring to either Juan Manuel Marquez and Lamont Peterson, whom Arum said will fight in either May or July.

"Cotto," said Koncz, "was our first preference."


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Photo: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Credit: John Gurzinski / Agence-France Presse