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Eli Manning or Kurt Warner: Who is more worthy of Hall of Fame?

February 8, 2012 | 10:43 am

Eli Manning, Kurt Warner

Eli Manning is probably getting tired of being compared to other quarterbacks (his brother, Tom Brady, other multiple Super Bowl winners, etc.) by now, but he can thank Kurt Warner for this one.

Or maybe he won't want to thank Warner -- not after hearing what his former New York Giants teammate had to say when asked during a radio interview if Manning should be considered a Hall of Fame quarterback now that he's won two Super Bowls.

"I fully disagree with that," said Warner, who went on to call the two-time Super Bowl MVP "extremely inconsistent."

Warner, who shared playing time with Manning in 2004, pointed out that some of Manning's career stats to this point aren't that impressive -- an 82 quarterback rating, 58% completion percentage and 16 or more interceptions in five of his eight NFL seasons.

"To me, those aren't Hall of Fame numbers, and by that I mean every time you step on the field you're a game changer, you're a difference maker," Warner said. "And I don't believe Eli Manning has been that guy until this year. I think this year is the first time in his career when he’s become that guy."

Similar discussions took place about Warner when he retired after the 2009 season -- and they are sure to heat up again when he is eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2015. Warner played in three Super Bowls -- winning one and being named that game's MVP -- and holds the top three spots for most single-game passing yards in Super Bowl history. He was also the league MVP twice.

Warner finished with better numbers than Manning (who is far from finished) in the categories he mentioned -- quarterback rating (93.7), completion percentage (65.5%) and years with 16 or more interceptions (three, although he threw 14 twice). But there were some pretty rough years between his glory days with the St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals, so the words "extremely inconsistent" might apply to his career as well.

If you could put one of them in the Hall of Fame right now, who would it be -- Manning or Warner? Vote in the poll, then leave a comment explaining why you voted the way you did.


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-- Chuck Schilken

Photos, from left: Eli Manning hoists the Lombardi Trophy (Credit: Al Bello / Getty Images); Kurt Warner after winning the Super Bowl with the St. Louis Rams in 1999. (Roberto Schmidt / AFP)