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Eli Manning discusses Super Bowl with David Letterman [Video]

February 7, 2012 |  9:18 am

Eli Manning walked onto the stage of the "Late Show with David Letterman" on Monday night to a standing ovation while the band played "We Are the Champions." That's the kind of greeting you get in New York City when you've just led the Giants to their second Super Bowl championship in four years.

But even 24 hours or so after being named Super Bowl MVP for the second time during that span, Manning still had to endure a jab from the host about his youthful appearance. "It seems to me you've gotten younger since the last time I saw you," Letterman said.

Manning, 31, and the father of a baby girl, played right along. "I started shaving this past year," he answered.

The eight-year veteran quarterback also discussed the various post-Super Bowl celebrations he attended as well as some of the key plays from the Giants' 21-17 victory over the New England Patriots, including the game-winning touchdown.

Manning was in the middle of explaining why, at the last second, he instructed running back Ahmad Bradshaw not to score on that play when he was interrupted by an incredulous Letterman: "So wait a minute. You're handing him the ball and at the same time [telling him], 'Don't score?' "

Manning assured Letterman, "It worked out."

Letterman's funniest line came when describing Bradshaw awkwardly falling into the end zone while trying to prevent himself from scoring: "It looked like an old party gag, like someone had pulled the chair out from under him. 'Hey, why don't you have a seat?' Kaboom!"


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