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Holly Rowe elbows reporter out of the way to get postgame interview

January 5, 2012 |  2:22 pm

Holly Rowe, one of ESPN's top sideline reporters, made sure she got the interview she needed with Michigan Coach Brady Hoke on Tuesday night following the dramatic conclusion of the Sugar Bowl, with a strong elbow move that would make a power forward in basketball proud.

After the Wolverines pulled out a 23-20 victory over Virginia Tech in overtime, Hoke greeted Virginia Tech Coach Frank Beamer at midfield for the usual postgame congratulations. As per usual, a flock of photographers and reporters moved in to capture the moment and to try to get a quick word with the coaches.

Rowe was not about to let any other media beat ESPN to the punch when it came to Hoke's postgame comments.

The clip above clearly shows Rowe driving another reporter away from Hoke by walking up from behind and physically removing her from the interview equation.

Rowe then wheels about to face the ESPN camera to begin her interview with Hoke.

The worldwide leader in sports will not be outmuscled when it comes to getting an interview.


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--Dan Loumena