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DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin share a special connection [Video]

January 12, 2012 |  9:26 am

When Blake Griffin was getting slapped and fouled in the fourth quarter Wednesday night in the Clippers' game against the Miami Heat, his good friend and teammate DeAndre Jordan was there by his side when it seemed as though he was about to lose his cool.

"I just told him to calm down," Jordan said. "He gets hacked a lot and it's definitely frustrating, but he controls it and he knows how to deal with it.

Jordan and Griffin are close friends who constantly voice their support of one another. So when Jordan had an open lane during overtime against Miami, it wasn't surprising that he looked over at Griffin.

"He was like, 'DUNKKKKK ITTTTTT,'" Jordan said. "So I dunked it and, you know, he smiled at me and it just lifted my spirits.

When prodded by a reporter if the moment really slowed down and it seemed as though Griffin were truly speaking in slow motion, the always-affable Jordan joked about his buddy.

"It kind of sounded like, 'PASSSS ITTTTT' but I heard 'DUNKKKK ITTTTTT,'" Jordan said with a laugh.

Whatever was said, worked. The Clippers went on to beat Miami, 95-89.


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-- Melissa Rohlin