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Wisconsin should beat Oregon, according to 'Beef Bowl' results [Video]

December 30, 2011 | 12:20 am

Playing on a football field? Easy. Try nearly eating the weight of a baby in meat.

That's what many football players from Wisconsin and Oregon did Wednesday and Thursday at the "Beef Bowl," an annual event thrown by Lawry's in which the teams headed to the Rose Bowl try to outdo each other over prime rib.

The team that eats the most meat goes on to win the Rose Bowl 71% of the time, according to Gina Doyle, the general manager at the restaurant's Beverly Hills location.

If that stat proves true, Wisconsin should win by a landslide.

The Badgers ate 723 pounds of prime rib while the Ducks managed 612 pounds.

The MVP? Wisconsin's Travis Frederick. The offensive lineman supposedly ate eight pieces of prime rib at about 13-ounces apiece. That's more than 5 1/2 pounds of meat.

In a video interview with The Times featured above, the players discuss the event in between mouthfuls of mashed potatoes and creamed corn.


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--Melissa Rohlin