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Occupy L.A.? How about Occupy Staples Center!

November 17, 2011 |  9:37 am

NBA fans. It's time to unite.

We are the 99%.

Those who miss seeing a Kobe Bryant crossover or a LeBron James dunk should take a lesson from the Occupy L.A. movement. Let's sit outside of Staples Center and demand that the billionaire owners and millionaire players come to an agreement on how to share the lucrative sum generated from basketball-related income (BRI). 

Our protest doesn't need to be entirely thought out.

The Occupy L.A. protesters have stymied traffic in downtown L.A.'s financial district. They hope to stimulate the economy while preventing workers from getting to their jobs.

We just need to take action.

After  the expiration of the NBA's collective-bargaining agreement, the owners are demanding that the players accept 50% of BRI instead of the previously agreed upon 57%, arguing that 22 of 30 teams in the league combined to lose $300 million last season.

We don't care how you split your ridiculous salaries, many of which have more commas than a run-on sentence.

We just want to watch basketball.

NBA fans. It's time to unite.

We are the 99%.


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-- Melissa Rohlin

Photo: Protesters demonstrate in downtown L.A. Credit: Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times