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Derek Fisher denies there is a rift in NBA players' union

October 31, 2011 | 10:18 pm


Is there dissension among the NBA players' union?

Not according to Derek Fisher.

The president of the National Basketball Players Assn. claimed unity among players and refuted a report in a letter e-mailed to approximately 450 NBA players.

The report suggested that Fisher was not looking out for the best interests of fellow players and had secretly negotiated with Commissioner David Stern.

"Usually I wouldn't even dignify absurd media reports with a comment," Fisher wrote. "My loyalty has and always will be with the players. Anyone that questions that or doubts that does not know me, my history, and what I stand for. And quite frankly, how dare anyone call that into question."

The NBA lockout is in its fourth month. Talks broke off last week when players and owners could not decide how to divide basketball-related income. Players want 52% of BRI while owners insist on a 50-50 split.


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--Mike Bresnahan

Photo: Derek Fisher addresses the media last week after a round of labor negotiations with NBA leadership. Credit: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images