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Manny Pacquiao on Floyd Mayweather and more

September 9, 2011 | 11:14 am

It would easily be considered the fight of the decade.

In one corner, Manny Pacquiao, widely considered by boxing websites to be the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

In the other corner, Floyd Mayweather Jr., who is undefeated in his 15-year career.

"If that fight happens, I will fight like there's no tomorrow," Pacquiao said, while at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Wednesday to promote his Nov. 12 bout against Juan Manuel Marquez.

When reporters asked him if he thinks Mayweather is ducking the fight, Pacquiao said, "I don't have an idea why the fight has not happened, but we will pray."

Yes, we will.

While surrounded by scores of reporters shouting "Manny" as soon as he finished a sentence, Pacquiao alluded to his desire to retire soon. That means the window for a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight could be slowly narrowing.

"I'm starting thinking to quitting, getting away from boxing," he said. "The problem is, who else can be Manny Pacquiao."

When Oscar De La Hoya retired, Pacquiao became the main man in the boxing scene. When asked who would replace him, Pacquiao mentioned Victor Ortiz.

"He have a big potential," Pacquiao said. "He strong enough and he have a style of boxing. What he needs is focus on speed, develop his speed."

On the other hand, when asked about Brandon Rios, Pacquiao said, "Who's that?"


Pacquiao has become much more than a world-class boxer in recent years.

He released a hit single "Sometimes When We Touch," which has hundreds of thousands views on YouTube, and he is a congressman in the Philippines.

Yet Pacquiao didn't hesitate when he was asked what is his ultimate passion.

"Boxing," he said.

--Melissa Rohlin