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T.J. Simers: John Elway needs to find a QB better than Tim Tebow

August 12, 2011 | 10:04 am

Trent Dilfer is a terrific guy. A terrible quarterback, but great guy.      

He won a Super Bowl, so terrible quarterbacks still have a chance in the NFL, which is the best thing that can be said about Tim Tebow.

He’s a terrible quarterback by NFL standards, and while people love him like they did Doug Flutie, a.k.a. the Mission Bay Shrimp, it’s a tall order to overcome one’s limitations.

Tebow fared well in the Broncos’ exhibition opener, which of course means absolutely nothing. He probably helped sell tickets, or justify the money spent on an exhibition game, but he’s probably looking at a long career as a heady backup who will always look good in exhibition games.

I’m more interested in John Elway’s development as NFL executive.

I was covering the Broncos in Denver when Elway arrived as a player, his first appearance in the second half of an exhibition game electrifying.

Then the season started and he was a mess. Replaced by Steve DeBerg, he struggled but threw himself into the weight room and into getting better. And with that kind of talent and arm, the results should have surprised no one.

He’s off to another struggling start as an NFL executive, mixed messages being sent regarding Tebow and Kyle Orton, and nothing disrupts a team like uncertainty at the quarterback position.

Orton appeared on his way to Miami at one time, the team belonging to Tebow. Once the Broncos realized they had no chance to win, they switched back to Orton.

Six or seven wins are better than two or three.

A few years ago I had hoped to see Elway in Los Angeles working as an executive with an expansion franchise. He bought an Arena League football team to better prepare himself for such an opportunity and spent time with Broncos owner Pat Bowlen.

Los Angeles now will probably play home to the Chargers next season, the Broncos becoming the enemy. No sweat if the Broncos persist in allowing Tebow to muck up their long-range plans.

That will be up to Elway, his development as an executive and his plan for Broncos’ success -- success in the NFL in a large part dictated by who plays the quarterback position.

He has to find a better one.

He already has his Gary Kubiak in Tebow.


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-- T.J. Simers

Left photo: John Elway. Credit: Ron Chenoy / US Presswire

Right photo: Tim Tebow. Credit: LM Otero / Associated Press