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Ryan Lochte beats Michael Phelps again, sets world record

July 28, 2011 | 10:19 am

Ryan Lochte
Ryan Lochte keeps proving that nothing is impossible. The U.S. swimmer has not only beaten superstar teammate Michael Phelps in consecutive races, he also has proved that world records can be broken even without high-tech bodysuits.

Lochte edged Phelps to win the 200-meter individual medley at the world championships in Shanghai, China, on Thursday with a time of 1 minute, 54.00 seconds, beating his old world record of 1:54.10 from two years ago when polyurethane suits still were allowed.

It's the first world record in a 50-meter Olympic-sized pool since the suits were banned last year.

"I wanted to do something that everyone thought was impossible," Lochte said. "Since they banned those suits, everyone thought a world record would never get touched again. I just wanted to show everyone that can happen. That's why we have records -- they're meant to get broken.

"Hopefully, everyone now can start realizing that, 'Hey, it's possible,' so, hopefully, a lot more records will fall."

Phelps was second in 1:54.16. He also finished runner-up to Lockte in the 200 freestyle Tuesday.

"That one frustrated me more than anything," Phelps said of Thursday's IM race. "I thought I was going to get that one."

Still, Phelps, who came into the meet with only six months of training, said he appreciates his teammate's accomplishments.

"He's really done all the little small things right," Phelps said. "He has more comfortable speed now than he had before. He's super-focused. He's just more prepared. Things are always won by people who are most prepared. ... To go faster than he did in 2009 is incredible."

Third-place Laszlo Cseh of Hungary (1:57.69) said he thinks Phelps has played a role in Lochte's success.

"I think without Michael, he can't beat the world record," Cseh said of Lochte. "He needs Michael to swim together and race against each other, and I think this is a good thing."

Lochte and Phelps have no other races together at the world championships.


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-- Chuck Schilken

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Photo: Ryan Lochte reacts after he winning in the men's 200-meter individual medley. Credit: Philippe Lopez / AFP/Getty Images