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Stanley Cup finals: Oh no, Canada, the Cup runneth over (the border) again

June 16, 2011 |  7:17 am

Lmv78hnc Canada saw its national pastime hijacked once again, when the Boston Bruins defeated Vancouver, 4-0, Wednesday night to win the Stanley Cup.

It kept Canada's streak intact. No team from the Great White North has won the Cup since the Montreal Canadiens took a deflection off Mart McSorley's stick to beat the Kings in 1993. What's next, Tim Horton's being absorbed by Starbucks? (Venti gulp)

In the 18 years that Canada has skated in the wilderness, franchises have won that once made self-respecting Canadian hockey fans giggle in their Molsons --the Ducks, Carolina, Tampa Bay. All beat Canadian teams, to boot.

But Wednesday's loss was unique. It was only the second time since 1940 that Canadian fans had to watch south-of-the-border interlopers take the Cup on Canadian soil, uh, ice. Canadian teams have lost to Canadian teams in Canada, but this was an American invasion.

The last time a Canadian team lost at home to a U.S. team? Vancouver, which was beaten by the New York Islanders in 1982. The Canucks were also the team that started that 18 years of skating in the wilderness. Vancouver lost to the New York Rangers in 1994, sending the Cup south.

The moral of the story?

Well, the Atlanta Thrashers, who are "aboot" to be shipped C.O.D. to Canada, now may never win the Stanley Cup.

Oh well, Canadians will always have curling.


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-- Chris Foster