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Stanley Cup finals: Actress Cobie Smulders has perfect first-date suggestion ... hockey, eh?

June 1, 2011 | 10:04 am

 The best first-date opportunity in the world happens tonight: Vancouver vs. Boston in the Stanley Cup finals.

Or so says actress Cobie Smulders, whose Robin Scherbatsky character on “How I Met Your Mother” may make her the Vancouver Canucks' most visible fan (at least among the millions who watch the hit television show.)

Smulders, like the fictional Scherbatsky, grew up in Vancouver and has been a Canucks’ fan since she was a kid. She occasionally wears a Canucks jersey on the show and the writers waste no opportunity to tweak Canada and hockey.

But, Smulders said, hockey makes a good, uh, icebreaker for a date.

“You’re not alone in your awkwardness,” said Smulders, who now lives in Los Angeles. “You’re part of something bigger being a spectator.” Plus, Smulders said, “Your personality comes through at the game. You get to gauge the man’s anger level and the girl's coolness.”

Or, in Scherbatsky’s case, the girl’s anger level, given her character’s … um ... passion for hockey. In one episode, while on a date at a New York Rangers-Vancouver game, she lashes out at Darcy Hordichuk, who was then with the Canucks (see video above).

Of course, it’s best not to mess with Scherbatsky, or she’ll give you summer teeth ("some are here, some are there").

Smulders is far less intense, though her love for the game is clear. She spent the last month on location in New Mexico filming “The Avengers,” but kept tabbed on the Canucks' progress through the playoffs.

“I miss going to games,” Smulders said. “We had season tickets one year, during the Trevor Linden-Pavel Bure days. I would always try to get a high-five from players as they came off the ice. You have a beer and a hot dog, you’re wearing a sweater. It reminds me of home.”

Not to mention first dates.


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