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Times guest blogger Bobby Ryan discusses Game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals

June 7, 2011 | 12:35 pm

Well, there is a lot to talk about from last night’s game!

Fabforum If there was a single turning point Monday, I thought it came late in the first period. I thought when Vancouver killed the five-minute major the Canucks were going to go on a rally. Boston had some good chances on the long power play but Roberto Luongo stonewalled them and made some big saves. Then it looked like after that, Vancouver took control for the last few minutes. Tim Thomas held them in there and did a great job.

Mason Raymond made a great move and got robbed point-blank by Thomas. I thought if Vancouver could have capitalized late in the first it could have been a different game.

As far as the hit goes, having played [in the AHL] a little bit with Romer [Aaron Rome] I know he’s not a malicious type player. Things happen so quickly, I’m sure Romer was counting one-Mississippi in his head with the intention of finishing a check. Knowing Romer, I know it wasn’t his intention to hurt someone. Obviously he is concerned for him and he reached to Nathan Horton today.  I’m sure Romer knows now, looking back, that Horton was vulnerable, and I’m sure he would take it back if he could.

I really feel for Horton. He’s worked his whole life to get to the finals and now he can’t play. I feel for him, but I’m glad he’s OK and hopefully the concussion is nothing that lingers.

Boston just went on a tear in the second period. Brad Marchand had an absolutely beautiful goal. He showed great skill and patience, chasing down the puck off the wall after banking it to himself. Just an incredible solo effort. I think that was one of the daggers to swing the game Boston’s way.

It got chippy on the third, but I think that’s par for the course in a blowout. Sometimes guys get frustrated. That leads to a lot of the chippiness. The game was decided and guys wanted to make a statement and not back down. Going forward, I don’t expect to see that much, because I think the games will be closer.

Originally I wondered why they didn’t take out Luongo at 5-1. He’s obviously the guy going forward either way. I thought maybe pull him and rest him. But hearing after the game that Luongo asked to stay in, it makes sense that they made that decision. He obviously wanted to stay in a battle for his teammates and that shows his leadership qualities.

No question that Boston is back in the series now. There is potential for this to be a great Stanley Cup finals. Hope you are enjoying it!


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-- Bobby Ryan

The Times is pleased to have Ducks winger Bobby Ryan blogging for us during the Stanley Cup finals. Ryan also blogged for us during the Winter Olympics in Vancouvver.

Photo: Bobby Ryan. Credit: Jerome Miron / U.S. Presswire