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Cricket ball shatters glass, hits commentator [Audio]

May 4, 2011 |  8:51 am

BBC commentator Edward Bevan had just finished referring to cricket as a "wonderful game" when he was hit by a ball that smashed through the glass of the broadcasters' box during Tuesday's match between Glamorgan and Somerset.

It all played out on live radio (take a listen on the player to the right), with Bevan asking, "Is it going to hit us?" followed by the loud sound of shattering glass and then some muffled laughter.

A colleague stepped in for Bevan, who reportedly was bruised and later said, "It hit me on the back and I was quite shaken for awhile."

Does Bevan still feel cricket is a wonderful game? Probably. After all, it was the third time he has been hit by a ball while broadcasting. And, as the self-proclaimed cricket news hound said on Twitter, it's "all in day's work."


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-- Chuck Schilken

The Associated Press contributed to this report.