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Times guest blogger Hines Ward discusses Kirstie Alley, his teammates, Ralph Macchio and Week 4 on 'Dancing with the Stars'

April 13, 2011 | 11:54 am

6a00d8341c630a53ef0147e42f09c6970b The Times is pleased to have Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward guest-blogging for us while he competes on "Dancing With the Stars." Every Wednesday, Ward, a Super Bowl MVP and two-time Super Bowl champion, will answer a few questions from Fabulous Forum editor Houston Mitchell and give some insight into the competition. Here are Ward’s thoughts about Week 3, which he offered via email.

Q: Last week Kirstie Alley falls, this week she loses her shoe. What goes through your mind when you see things like that happen, and does that make you more nervous for your dances?
The first thing that goes through my mind is I hope Kirstie is OK.  The second thing that goes through my mind is I am glad nothing like that has ever happened to me.  But those types of things really don't make me all that nervous.  I think because the female celebs probably have to wear more accessories, they are more at risk for wardrobe malfunctions and things like that.  I mean I give a lot of credit to the girls having to dance in high heels and with all the fancy costumes. I don't see how they do it sometimes.  All us guys have to do is put on a pair of pants and shirt, maybe a jacket at times, and we are good to go. 

Q: How great was it to have your Steelers teammates (James Harrison, James Farrior and Max Starks) watch you dance live and then see them waving the Terrible Towels after you and Kym completed the paso?
Aw man, it was awesome and just the greatest feeling to have them there.  I kept hearing them all shout, "Get it, Hines, get it!" and it made me want to nail the routine even more. Those guys were there for me, cheering me on, and it's such a great feeling to have that kind of loyalty and support.  And they all came out to be there for me on their own dime.  Nothing compares to it.  That's what the Steeler organization and Steeler Nation are all about.

Q: You kept your game face on throughout the paso, but then you broke out a smile at the end and looked to your teammates. Was it hard to stay in character throughout the dance and hold in that signature Hines Ward smile?

It really was.  But I attribute my ability to do so all to Kym.  She's a great coach.  All week long, she kept telling me how the paso was a dance of intense emotion and how I had to put passion, feeling and emotion into my routine. I just put my game face on and tried to hold it throughout the routine.  Having my teammates there really helped because I wanted to do well for them.  When it was over, I couldn't help but smile at my guys. I hope it paid off.

Q: Last week, they showed you taking your family to Disneyland. What's your favorite ride there and why?
I really like them all.  I enjoy the thrill of the roller coasters and any ride that my son enjoys is my favorite ride.  To see him having a blast and happy means the world to me.

Q: Can you convince Ralph Macchio that he has to use "The Crane" during one of his dances?

Haha.  I don't think Ralph needs much convincing to do that.  My guess is that that may be his secret weapon and we may see it at some point during the competition. I would love to see it myself.

Besides being a Super Bowl MVP, Hines Ward is the founder of the Hines Ward Helping Hands Foundation, which focuses on improving literacy among children and provides programs and services to better equip them for achieving and handling success in life.


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Photo: Kym Johnson and Hines Ward. Credit: Adam Taylor / ABC