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Times guest blogger Hines Ward discusses Week 5 on 'Dancing with the Stars'

April 20, 2011 | 12:20 pm

Hines The Times is pleased to have Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward guest-blogging for us while he competes on "Dancing With the Stars." Every Wednesday, Ward, a Super Bowl MVP and two-time Super Bowl champion, will answer a few questions from Fabulous Forum editor Houston Mitchell and give some insight into the competition. Here are Ward’s thoughts about Week 5, which he offered via email.

Q: On top of the leaderboard this week! Did that make you feel a little more safe heading into Tuesday's elimination?

Haha.  I was hoping for at least all 8s so when I got the 9s I was ecstatic.  I was grateful that our hard work seemed to pay off.  As far as feeling safe from elimination, the judges' score is only one part. The rest is up to the viewers, so you can never really feel safe until your name has been called saying you are safe.  I am just grateful to live to dance another week. Gotta take it one week at a time.

Q: Was it tough to be a Steeler and have to dance to a song celebrating ... patriots?
Haha.  You know, I never really looked at it quite like that. I was dancing to honor our troops overseas and this great country, not that other NFL team across the way.  :)

Q: From the footage they showed this week, it seems as though you and your dance partner, Kym Johnson, had a hard time getting through the rumba. But on Monday, the dance was nearly flawless. How were you able to smooth out all the kinks in such a short amount of time?

It's always hard and this week was particularly hard since this dance was slower.  But like I've said before, Kym is a great choreographer and teacher. And I have to give her all the credit. She has taught me a lot and I just try to focus on what I need to do to make the dance work from my end.  I am a perfectionist and always want to get every move right.  Hopefully it pays off each time.

Q: Watching the intro to your dance Monday left me with one big question: You get creamed by NFL safeties each week, but an elbow to the ribs by Kym sends you to the floor?
I have gotten a lot of bruises since being on the show. Some have come from Kym and some have come from me.  That particular elbow shot caused me to hit the floor partly because I was laughing with Kym and partly because it was unexpected.  Kym and I always have fun when we rehearse, so don't be surprised if you see it happen again.

Q: You wear good-luck bracelets when you play football. I believe you have a Steelers bracelet and a Georgia Bulldogs bracelet, and we see you pointing to those "good-luck charms" after each dance. Does Kym have one too?

Yes, I gave Kym a Steelers bracelet and a Georgia bracelet to wear as well.  We gotta make sure we both have the same mojo going on.  :)

Besides being a Super Bowl MVP, Hines Ward is the founder of the Hines Ward Helping Hands Foundation, which focuses on improving literacy among children and provides programs and services to better equip them for achieving and handling success in life.


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Photo: Hines Ward and Kym Johnson. Credit: Adam Taylor / ABC