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NFL preseason to (hopefully) start Aug. 7 with Bears-Rams in Hall of Fame game

April 12, 2011 |  2:04 pm

Nfl-logo_225 We still don't know whether there's going to be an NFL season this year -- but that did not stop the league from releasing its 2011 preseason schedule on Tuesday.

If the owners and players can settle their differences sometime in the next few months, the preseason will kick off with the NFC runner-up Chicago Bears facing the St. Louis Rams in the Pro Football Hall of Fame game at Canton, Ohio, on Aug. 7.

2011 NFL preseason schedule:

Aug. 7, Chicago vs. St. Louis, at Canton, Ohio, (NBC)
Aug. 11, Seattle at San Diego, (ESPN)
Aug. 13, Arizona at Oakland
Aug. 13, Baltimore at Philadelphia


Aug. 13, Buffalo at Chicago
Aug. 13, Cincinnati at Detroit
Aug. 13, Denver at Dallas
Aug. 13, Green Bay at Cleveland
Aug. 13, Indianapolis at St. Louis
Aug. 13, Jacksonville at New England
Aug. 13, Miami at Atlanta
Aug. 13, Minnesota at Tennessee
Aug. 13, N.Y. Giants at Carolina
Aug. 13, Pittsburgh at Washington
Aug. 13, San Francisco at New Orleans
Aug. 15, N.Y. Jets at Houston, (ESPN)
Aug. 18, Philadelphia at Pittsburgh, (FOX)
Aug. 19, Atlanta at Jacksonville, (FOX)
Aug. 20, Arizona at Green Bay
Aug. 20, Buffalo at Denver
Aug. 20, Carolina at Miami
Aug. 20, Cincinnati at N.Y. Jets
Aug. 20, Detroit at Cleveland
Aug. 20, Kansas City at Baltimore
Aug. 20, Minnesota at Seattle
Aug. 20, New England at Tampa Bay
Aug. 20, New Orleans at Houston
Aug. 20, Oakland at San Francisco
Aug. 20, San Diego at Dallas
Aug. 20, Tennessee at St. Louis
Aug. 20, Washington at Indianapolis
Aug. 22, Chicago at N.Y. Giants, (ESPN)
Aug. 25, Washington at Baltimore, (ESPN)
Aug. 26, Green Bay at Indianapolis, (CBS)
Aug. 27, Atlanta at Pittsburgh
Aug. 27, Carolina at Cincinnati
Aug. 27, Chicago at Tennessee
Aug. 27, Cleveland at Philadelphia
Aug. 27, Dallas at Minnesota
Aug. 27, Houston at San Francisco
Aug. 27, Jacksonville at Buffalo
Aug. 27, Miami at Tampa Bay
Aug. 27, N.Y. Jets at N.Y. Giants
Aug. 27, San Diego at Arizona
Aug. 27, Seattle at Denver
Aug. 27, St. Louis at Kansas City
Aug. 27, New England at Detroit, (CBS)
Aug. 28, New Orleans at Oakland, (NBC)
Sept. 1, Baltimore at Atlanta
Sept. 1, Cleveland at Chicago
Sept. 1, Dallas at Miami
Sept. 1, Denver at Arizona
Sept. 1, Detroit at Buffalo
Sept. 1, Houston at Minnesota
Sept. 1, Indianapolis at Cincinnati
Sept. 1, Kansas City at Green Bay
Sept. 1, N.Y. Giants at New England
Sept. 1, Oakland at Seattle
Sept. 1, Philadelphia at N.Y. Jets
Sept. 1, Pittsburgh at Carolina
Sept. 1, San Francisco at San Diego
Sept. 1, St. Louis at Jacksonville
Sept. 1, Tampa Bay at Washington
Sept. 1, Tennessee at New Orleans


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