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NFL, players make cases to federal judge in St. Paul

April 6, 2011 |  9:49 am

6a00d8341c630a53ef0147e364ebd1970b-800wi U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson in St. Paul, Minn., on Wednesday heard attorneys for the NFL and its players argue for and against a continued lockout by the owners.

Jim Quinn, an attorney for the decertified players' organization, told the judge the players have opted to "leave collective bargaining protection for anti-trust protections," and urged Nelson to declare an injunction stopping the lockout.

Quinn said more than 800 players are without a signed contract and benefits, suffering "irreparable harm" by being kept from working.

NFL attorney David Boies countered that the National Labor Relations Board has proper jurisdiction on the matter, and that  injunctions shouldn't be used to stop the owners' "tool" of a lockout.

Nelson is expected to take the arguments under advisement and rule in the near future on the matter.

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-- Lance Pugmire in St. Paul, Minn.