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Zambonis are a girl's best friend

March 7, 2011 |  6:02 pm


Hello. Those who don't remember me, I blogged from Vancouver during last year's Winter Olympics (you can read that here.)

Hannah-and-mascot2 I had another exciting sports adventure Thursday night at the Kings-Phoenix Coyotes hockey game. I was able to ride the Zamboni between the second and third period.

My family and I were sitting in our seats during the second period when a nice man from the Kings came up to me and asked if I was Hannah. He took my mom and me downstairs to where the Zamboni was. There were a lot of people walking around down there, all people who work for the Kings. They were all very nice. One of the girls who work there gave me a shiny necklace to wear, and an official puck used during practice.

They helped me get on the Zamboni, and my seat was very high. Before I knew it, we were out on the ice. We went around nine or 10 times, and the people in the stands were waving at me. I waved back. It was like being in a parade. Bailey, the Kings' mascot, hitched a ride on the Zamboni for a little while. He is very funny. I saw my dad and one of my sisters, Samantha, in the stands. They were waving real big. The Kings even announced my name to the crowd. I felt like a movie star!

Then my adventure was over. It was exciting to be on the ice, like the hockey players are.

Best of all, the Kings won, 1-0.

I want to thank Mike Altieri of the Kings for being so nice and helping me ride the Zamboni. He was down there when I was, and made sure I had a good time. He also made sure I got some pictures of my time there, some of which you see on this blog.

I also want to say hi to Bailey!

--Hannah Mitchell

More pictures after the jump













Bailey tries to put me on the Zamboni.














Here I am on the Zamboni, using my parade wave. You can see the goal on the ice behind me.













More Zamboni fun.


All photos are courtesy of the Kings.