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Super Bowl ads: The top 5 best, and worst, at halftime

Joan It's halftime and here are top five Super Bowl commercials so far:

You can watch all of the ads here.

5. Go Daddy girl -- Joan Rivers poking fun of herself is the one thing that never gets old.

4. Pepsi Max -- Who knew a can of Pepsi could cause so much damage?

3. Doggy treat Doritos -- Apparently, Doritos can be considered dog food. I guess my mother was right.

2. Logging for a Snickers -- The characters may be different (Richard Lewis, Roseanne Barr), but the message is almost as funny as Betty White making fun of someone's girlfriend.

1. Darth Vader starts Volkswagen -- Cute, smart and nobody is licking anyone else's fingers in this one. This is the kind of ad that can crack a smile on just about anyone, especially all of those Star Wars fans.

And here are my top five worst ads so far:

5. Bud Light "hack job" -- We've seen it before, no need to spend millions on an ad like this.

4. Chevy makes fun of old people -- The Chevy Cruze is apparently too hip for your grandpa.

3. rack ad -- must have a bunch of 13-year-olds working in its marketing department.

2. Chevy Volt -- I hope for taxpayers' sake this does turn out to be a great invention, but it's still a bad commercial.

1. Audi -- Their idea of old luxury is really creepy. Audi would have been better off showing its new Le Mans challenger instead.

-- Austin Knoblauch

Photo: Joan Rivers. Credit: Screen grab (

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