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Super Bowl ads: Famous NFL fans we somehow missed

February 6, 2011 |  6:36 pm

Newman Some of the most lingering questions in television history were answered by an NFL advertisement at the start of the fourth quarter.

1. Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli (aka the Fonz) is a Green Bay Packers fan.

2. Alf is a Carolina Panthers fan.

3. Marsha Brady is a San Diego Chargers fan.

4. And Seinfeld's Newman is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan.

Using a cut up of classic and current TV shows, the NFL celebrated its fans with a clever ad putting famous actors in NFL gear. It was one of the more creative ads so far.

The Bud Light commercial featuring dog butlers and dishwashers was a little weird, but I could see how someone who's had a few too many would find it hysterical.

Watch all the Super Bowl commercials here.

-- Austin Knoblauch

Photo: Seinfeld and "Newman." Credit: Screen grab (