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The Blake (Griffin) Show rolls into Orlando

February 8, 2011 |  4:02 pm

There was an amusing moment Tuesday morning at the Clippers shootaround with Blake Griffin after a routine back-and-forth about his progress this season and more questions about the Magic's Dwight Howard.

There was a spark of fun near the end when talk turned to Howard' s recent assertion that he had five dunks nobody had ever seen. Howard won the NBA All-Star dunk contest in 2008, but he is not competing this year.

"That's what I heard," Griffin said. "I'll have to ask him about it."

I asked if he planned to do so before or after Tuesday's Clippers-Magic game.

"Definitely after," Griffin said. "...Maybe I'll ask him before, try to get his mind off it. Maybe during."

Griffin has his own dunk project under tight wraps as he readies to compete in the dunk contest at Staples Center on Feb. 19 during All-Star weekend.

"I've got about three that I can do," he said. "But some of them are more difficult than others. For the contest, and all that, I'll probably pick the ones I can do the most consistently. That are the hardest. DJ [DeAndre Jordan] has seen one of them.

"And a couple of my friends have seen the others."

Said Howard, on his own secret dunks: “They’re for bidding. Nobody will see those dunks. The guy who taught me asked me to keep those dunks inside me."

-Lisa Dillman, Reporting from Orlando