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Scott Boras talks about his Hall of Fame chances -- reluctantly

December 6, 2010 |  1:59 pm

Boras_300 Scott Boras … Hall of Famer? As Boras made his case Sunday for why former union chief Marvin Miller should be inducted into the Hall of Fame, he was asked if he ever daydreamed of one day being enshrined.

“Thank you, Dylan,” Boras said to this reporter, smiling. “Next question.”

Pressed on the matter, Boras replied, “I represent players. And I work from a platform that was created by Mr. Miller. To suggest that my work for players in any way measures up to the vision of Mr. Miller, it’s just … I take the privilege of the stage he created to work on.”

So, Boras was told, Miller is Johann Sebastian Bach and Boras is like Ludwig van Beethoven.

Boras laughed.

“When someone creates something intellectually, is a visionary for the game, it’s very different from somebody who practices,” Boras said.

So you don’t like Beethoven?

“I certainly am not to be compared to anyone with that kind of skill,” Boras said.

The counterargument to that would be that Boras negotiated a seven-year, $126-million contract that Jayson Werth signed with the Washington Nationals, work that could be considered the agents’ String Quartet in C minor.

Miller, by the way, fell a vote short of enshrinement.

-- Dylan Hernandez in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

Photo: Scott Boras. Credit: Jeff Roberson / Associated Press