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Question of the day: Should Cavs owner Dan Gilbert just get over Lebron James’ leaving or push for an investigation of tampering?

December 2, 2010 | 11:59 am


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Lisa Dillman, Los Angeles Times

In the immortal words of rocker Don Henley, the answer is so, so easy.

Get Over It.

Funny, but that was the first song written after Henley and Eagles bandmate Glenn Frey got back together in 1994 following a 14-year divorce after exploring free agency.

For the record, it’s not quite going out on a limb to say there’s almost no chance of LeBron James and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert reuniting in Cleveland in four years, or 14 years, for that matter. The chances of that are best summed up in that particular Eagles album title, “When Hell Freezes Over.”

So, in therapy-speak, Gilbert needs to move on and get past the anger, the slights -- real and imagined -- and the perceived betrayals. He should write that last check to the lawyers --hard to cut that cord, we know. Yahoo! Sports has reported that the Cavs owner paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do legal representation, investigating suspicions of tampering in the pursuit of James.

Six figures is a lot for closure. Having it reach seven is lame.

And just one more blast of Henley’s advice:

"Get over it. Get over it. It's gotta stop sometime, so why don't you quit. Get over it, get over it."

K.C. Johnson, Chicago Tribune

As long as Dan Gilbert doesn't forward his possible tampering findings to Commissioner David Stern in comic sans text, the Cavaliers' owner is absolutely within his right to investigate the circumstances of LeBron James' departure. Some might call that sore losing. Others might find it progressive thinking. And if it can eliminate the backroom negotiations that surely take place with impending free agents, all the better. Too often, players verbally agree to terms minutes after the free-agency period opens, making a mockery of the weeklong negotiation period. It's one thing for teams to identify potential free-agent targets leading up to the free-agent recruiting period. It's another thing to relay possible contractual terms through third parties, which long has been alleged. What Gilbert is doing won't bring James back. But it could bring back some respectability and transparency to a tainted process. 
Zach McCann, Orlando Sentinel

Everybody deals with an ugly breakup differently.

Some people spontaneously go on a trip to a faraway place. Others eat ice cream and watch romantic comedies. Some people stalk their ex on the Internet.

In Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert’s case, he’s pushing for a legal investigation into the possibility of LeBron James’ new lover -– the Miami Heat -– having entered the picture before Cleveland and James broke up.

Hey, Gilbert just wants to know if he was cheated on. Who are we to judge how Gilbert deals with his breakup?

Sure, it’s not healthy for Gilbert to dwell on the past, and it’s probably best for the Cavaliers organization if they keep their eyes focused forward.

After all, the best revenge for an ex-lover is to be successful and look good.

But, come on. The man’s in pain. Let him find his closure. This investigation is something Dan Gilbert needs.

[Updated at 12:43 p.m.

Shandel Richardson, Sun Sentinel

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has every right to be upset about LeBron James leaving the organization, but there are better ways to handle it.

Gilbert has whined to anyone who will listen to him rant about James turning his back on the organization. Now, Gilbert is reportedly dumping loads of cash into an investigation to determine if the Miami Heat violated the NBA’s tampering rules during the free agency period.

Gilbert sounds like a jaded significant other trying to get back at their ex by throwing a brick through a car window. Sure, it feels good at first, but changes nothing.

Here’s a thought for Gilbert. Instead of the constant bickering about non-basketball related stuff, how about doing your job as an owner by working to field a competitive team? Then, just maybe, you’ll be able to beat James’ team and receive the ultimate gratification.]

Photo: LeBron James. Credit: Steve Mitchell / US Presswire.